Established at Brown in 2004, the LGBTQ Center  provides a comprehensive range of education/training, cultural, social and educational programming, support services and advocacy services to the entire Brown Community.

The LGBTQ Identity Center is currently located at the Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender (SDC).  The Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender, established at Brown in 1974, seeks to provide a comfortable yet challenging place for students, faculty, and staff to examine the multitude of issues around gender.

Brown is renovating the existing 22 Benevolent Street building for use as Stonewall House. The project includes a small 275 sf footprint addition, which will act as a connector between 20 and 22 Benevolent Street and will house a new limited use limited application (LULA) style elevator that provides accessibility to both 22 Benevolent Street and the adjacent 20 Benevolent Street and a handicap accessible bathroom.  When complete, the building will house offices, meeting spaces, and communal space.

This program is in alignment with Brown's strategic plan Building on Distinction:  A New Plan for Brown (2013).  The project was completed in October 2022.