Updated December 2017

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Facility Name

Project Title

Current Phase

Occupancy Complete / Completion Date

Project Manager/Planner

Annmary Brown Memorial Library Fire Alarm Repair Construction 12/30/17 Courtney McCracken
Arnold Lab PAC Enabling - Relocate UEL Program Design 06/01/18 Anne DaSilva
Barus & Holley Lab Renovation - Rms 638/644 (Plumb), Physics New Hire Construction 04/02/18 Ryan Haggerty
Benevolent Street 005 Brown to Brown Renovation - 5 Benevolent Design 04/30/18 Brian O'Connell
Biomed Complex BioMed Renewal Program Construction 08/24/18 Courtney McCracken
Brook Street 248-254 Flooring & Repairs at East Side Mini Mart Construction 01/05/18 Gary Martins
Campus Fire Alarm Repairs Construction 03/30/18 Courtney McCracken
Campus Fumehood Allowance Construction 06/30/18 David Larson
Campus Campus Thermal Efficiency Project Design 12/31/20 David Larson
Campus Minor Masonry Allowance Design 06/30/18 Gary Martins
Campus Pathway Allowance Design 06/30/18 Gary Martins
Campus Sidewalk Allowance Design 06/30/18 Gary Martins
Campus Parking Lot Allowance Design 06/30/18 Gary Martins
Campus PAC Enabling Design 06/30/21 John Cooke
Campus - Off-Site SPS Fit Out in Innovation Building Design 08/16/19 Joanna Saltonstall
Charlesfield Street 063-065 Watson Institute New Building Construction 09/28/18 Brian O'Connell
Eddy Street 339 Fit Up to Relocate Swearer Center from 10 Davol Construction 01/17/18 Ryan Haggerty
Edgewood Yacht Club Brown Sailing Center Construction 03/30/18 Courtney McCracken
Elie Hirschfeld '71 House Judaic Studies Renovation Design 08/31/18 Ryan Haggerty
Energy Conservation Water Master Plan Construction 02/28/18 David Larson
Energy Conservation Energy Subsidiary - Retrocommissioning Phase 6 Construction 05/31/18 David Larson
Energy Conservation Load Management Design 12/31/18 David Larson
Engineering Research Center School of Engineering Construction 12/29/17 John Cooke
Engineering Research Center New Hire (Pennell) Construction 03/05/18 Ryan Haggerty
Engineering Research Center Engineering Fluids New Hire (Harris) Construction 03/05/18 Ryan Haggerty
Geo-Chem Building Infrastructure Renewal Construction 12/31/18 Ryan Haggerty
Geo-Chem Building Lab Renovation, Room 012 (Tullis) Request 01/12/18 Ryan Haggerty
Graduate Center E Self Service Studio (Room 123) Design 01/17/18 Gary Martins
J. Walter Wilson SP16 International Programs Consolidation Construction 01/19/18 Anne DaSilva
John Carter Brown Library STUDY - Mechanical Systems Upgrade Design 05/01/18 David Larson
List Art Building Fishman Studio Backfill (Myoda) Construction 01/15/18 Gary Martins
Lyman Hall Ashamu Thermal Comfort Improvements Design 01/19/18 Anne DaSilva
Macmillan Hall Classroom Fixed Seating Renewal, MacMillan 117 Design 01/19/18 Anne DaSilva
Marston Boathouse Rebuild and Expand Dock/Bulkhead Design 08/30/18 Courtney McCracken
Maxcy Hall Zimmer Meeting Room Refresh Construction 01/31/18 Gary Martins
Meiklejohn House Improvements for Grad Student Lounge Design 01/31/18 Gary Martins
Minden Hall Kitchen Modifications, Room 104B Design 01/19/18 Gary Martins
Multiple Strobic Fan Motor Replacement Allowance Complete 06/30/19 Ryan Haggerty
Multiple Controller Replacement Allowance Construction 06/30/18 Courtney McCracken
Multiple HVAC Exhaust Enhancements Construction 08/24/18 Courtney McCracken
Multiple Energy Subsidiary - Lighting Phase 3B (LED) Construction 05/31/18 David Larson
Multiple Boiler Replacement Allowance Construction 06/30/18 David Larson
Multiple Fumehood Allowance Construction 12/31/18 David Larson
Multiple Exterior Paint Allowance Construction 06/15/18 Gary Martins
Multiple Minor Roof Allowance Construction 06/29/18 Gary Martins
Multiple Miscellaneous Interior Renewal Improvements Construction 06/30/18 Gary Martins
Multiple FY18 Miscellaneous Minor Work Design 06/29/18 Gary Martins
Multiple Classroom Finish Allowance Design 06/30/18 Gary Martins
Multiple CIS Support Services Relocation (Help Desk & Academic Technology) Planning 08/15/18 Ryan Haggerty
Multiple Tisch Banner Project Request 04/01/18 Brian O'Connell
Nicholson House SP16 Relocate American Studies Construction 03/26/18 Anne DaSilva
Olney Margolies Athletic Center Phase 1 (Lower Level) and Phase 2 Renovations Design 08/10/18 Joanna Saltonstall
Prince Engineering Lab Wind Tunnel (Room 223) Planning 01/11/19 Ryan Haggerty
Residence Halls Winter Painting Initiatives Construction 01/20/18 Gary Martins
Salomon Center For Teaching Seating Replacement at Deciccio Auditorium (Rms 101, 201) Design 01/19/18 Anne DaSilva
Sharpe Refectory Core Renewal Priorities Design 06/01/18 Brian O'Connell
Thayer Street 249 Tenant Improvements for Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship Design 03/29/19 Brian O'Connell
Wilson Hall Building Renovation Construction 08/31/18 David LaPlante
Wilson Hall Steam Hub Conversion Planning 08/31/18 David LaPlante