Request An Event Set-Up

The Event Operations (formerly Event Support) team will help you to outfit your event with rental equipment, tables, chairs and more.  To get you started, please visit the links below.

Student Groups

Please work with the Student Activities Office (SAO). You may want to review the Student Event Planning 101 slides before proceeding. 

Faculty & Staff

Once you have booked your space, place an online Event Request directly through Planon by clicking Event Operations Request at the left (a Brown user ID is required for sign-in). Download our updated list of Rental Equipment Pricing (rates as of 8/31/2023). Contact Event Support for assistance in estimating the labor costs for your particular event and take advantage of our Step by Step Planning Guide to help guide you through the event planning process. 

Severe Weather Planning

If you are hosting an outdoor event, you will need a backup plan in case of severe weather. In the event of severe weather (rain, storm, etc), will your event be moved to an indoor location, rescheduled or canceled altogether? Severe weather plans will generally require a separate request. Please contact [email protected] to discuss possible options.