Division Description
DIV01 Structural-Carpentry-Painting-Glazing-Lock Shop
DIV02 Plumbing
DIV03 Electrical
DIV04AD Custodial Admin
DIV04AM Custodial Am Shift
DIV04CL Custodial Cleaning
DIV04DN Custodial Dining Services
DIV04E Custodial East Campus
DIV04FTD Custodial Floating - Daytime
DIV04FTO Custodial Floating - Overnight
DIV04KN Custodial Keeney Quad
DIV04OFF Custodial Off-Campus
DIV04OV Custodial Overnight
DIV04PB Custodial Pembroke
DIV04PE Custodial Evening Shift - East
DIV04PW Custodial Evening Shift- West
DIV04SV Custodial Equip Service And Repair
DIV05 Grounds-Playing Fields
DIV06 Stores-Warehouse
DIV07 Central Heat Plant
DIV08 HVAC-Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning
DIV09 Controls
DIV10 Second Shift-Preventive Maintenance
OPS Operations-Contracted Services
PDC Planning, Design, And Construction-Project Management
SERVRSP Service Response Center
STRCMEP Structural/Mechanical-Electrical-Plumping Review