Division Description
DIV01 Structural and Lock Shop
DIV02 Plumbing
DIV03 Electrical
DIV04AD Custodial Admin
DIV04AM Custodial Am Shift
DIV04CL Custodial Cleaning
DIV04DN Custodial Dining Services
DIV04E Custodial East Campus
DIV04FTD Custodial Floating - Daytime
DIV04FTO Custodial Floating - Overnight
DIV04KN Custodial Keeney Quad
DIV04OFF Custodial Off-Campus
DIV04OV Custodial Overnight
DIV04PB Custodial Pembroke
DIV04PE Custodial Evening Shift - East
DIV04PW Custodial Evening Shift- West
DIV04SV Custodial Equip Service And Repair
DIV05 Grounds-Playing Fields
DIV06 Stores-Warehouse
DIV07 Central Heat Plant
DIV08 HVAC-Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
DIV09 Controls
DIV10 2nd Shift HVAC, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
OPS Operations-Contracted Services
PDC Planning, Design, And Construction-Project Management
SERVRSP Service Response Center
STRCMEP Structural/Mechanical-Electrical-Plumping Review