Storage Facility for University Documents and Boxed Records

Brown University’s records storage is available to University departments at our storage facility located at 10 Park Lane in Providence. Below is the process for securing space, the means to access the facility and the means to request Facilities Management to transport documents to this location.


The storage facility at 10 Park Lane has over 18,500 square feet of records storage space and over 24,000 square feet for library storage.  The building is secure, controlled by card access, dry, clean, well lighted, and fire protected.

Boxed Documents

  • All Brown University departments may use the 10 Park Lane facility for storage of boxed University records. In order to accommodate the storage space, boxes must be of standard storage box size: 13” wide x 15” deep x 11” high. All boxes must have a box Number, Department name, Contact Name, Contact number and a destruction date. This information must be written in the front and back of the box.
  • There is a flat rate fee of $75.00 for the pickup of 1 - 15 boxes. Each additional box is $5.00
  • Each storage shelf is identified by a designated aisle and row and level.
  • Access to 10 Park Lane is by appointment on Tuesdays, only. Call (401) 863-7780 to schedule an appointment.

Surplus Furniture

See the Purchasing Department website for information.

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