Temperature Policy:

  • Indoor temperature settings in all spaces during occupied periods will be:
    • heated to a target temperature of 70° F during the winter;
    • cooled to a target temperature of 74° F in centrally air conditioned spaces during the summer; and
    • spaces such as research facilities requiring critical temperature settings will be more tightly controlled.
  • These will be set by Facilities Management in centrally controlled systems. Occupants who control their own thermostats are required to adhere to these settings.
  • We recognize that temperatures will fluctuate within the building around these set points and every effort will be made to stay within 2° F of this range.
  • Supplemental electric heaters shall only be issued in the case of long-term system malfunctions and as authorized and provided by Facilities Management.
  • No other use of electric heaters is allowed and unauthorized heaters will be removed.

Occupant Responsibilities:

  • Report observations of excessive energy use and concerns to Facilities Management Service Response online or at 863-7800.
  • Individuals are expected to turn off lights when exiting rooms that are no longer occupied and to turn off office equipment (including monitors, task lights and personal computers, where possible) when leaving your workspace for more than 20 minutes and at the end of the day.
  • Turn yours off when not in use and be sure to power down your whole system when you are away, especially at night and on weekends.
  • Set your computer power management so that your computer monitor turns off and your CPU enters hibernate or standby mode when you leave your desk for extended periods of time.
  • Enable power management features on laser printers and copiers and power them down whenever possible, particularly on evenings and weekends.
  • Brown CIS provides information on computer power management settings and how to optimize energy management on your computer equipment. Please contact them or email [email protected] if you have questions or need assistance.