I am expecting to TA next semester. Can I TA virtually? How do I get paid?

All graduate students who are appointed to teaching assistant and teaching fellow positions (primarily PhD and MFA students) will be given the option of instructing in person or remotely for the spring and summer terms of 2021. For international students who are not in the U.S. during the spring term and are serving as a Teaching Assistant, there may be an impact on the taxes that are withdrawn from the monthly stipend. Your stipend will otherwise continue to be issued through direct deposit each month.

What is the impact on my CPT and OPT eligibility of any semester of online study? What about 2 semesters of online study?

As per current regulations, students are required to spend a minimum of two semesters in the U.S. prior to becoming eligible for curricular or optional practical training. Graduate students whose program requires an internship prior to graduation are exempt from the two semester requirement for CPT purposes only.  As of now, SEVP guidance has not been provided otherwise. Please contact [email protected] for further information

I am an advanced graduate student and have completed all required courses for my graduate program; I am currently preparing for qualifying exams or working on my thesis/dissertation. Does the current DHS - SEVP Guidance apply to me?

Being registered for research/dissertation after the completion of required coursework is considered full-time, and students working on their thesis or dissertation are considered to be maintaining valid F-1 status. Students who need to re-enter the country at this stage in their program are advised to obtain from their graduate program a letter indicating their need to be in residence at Brown in order to make progress toward the completion of the degree.

Can I take my courses remotely?

In order to remain in status on F-1 visas, first-year graduate students (whether in their first or second semester) cannot be enrolled in exclusively online courses. In other words, students enrolled in courses must take at least one course in a hybrid format and participate in the in-person component.  In other respects, all matriculated students will be given the option to take courses online, whether they are in Providence or not.