Providence and Rhode Island

Go Beyond College Hill!

You've traveled a distance to get to Brown but don't forget to venture out! As the smallest state in the United States, nothing in the state is very far from Brown (though because we in Rhode Island get used to how near everything is, we can say that places as close as a 15 minute drive away are too far).

Providence was one of the first cities in the United States to become industrialized, resulting in a sizeable immigrant community.  This means that Providence is home to food markets, restaurants, and other vendors that feature international products.

International House of Rhode Island

Located at 8 Stimson Street (just around the corner from Brown's athletic facilities), the International House of Rhode Island gives aid, services, and friendship to all temporary international residents in Rhode Island, including students.

Community Engagement

Through programming, advising, and fellowships, the Swearer Center for Public Service (25 George Street) engages the university in collaborations with local partners to strengthen communities and prepare students to lead lives of effective action.

Web Gateways to Providence and Rhode Island

For helpful information about transportation, arts and entertainment, dining, shopping, accommodations, and much more, check out Providence's official Web sites: also has a site about Providence.  This has a great number of links to places of interest in Providence in alphabetical order by category. The lists of shopping centers and taxi companies, for example, are fairly exhaustive.

Shopping & Dining in Providence

The main shopping destination near Brown is the Providence Place Mall. Beyond the mall there are a few other major stores that are located in the area, including Wal-Mart (at 51 Silver Springs Avenue) and Staples at 555 North Main Street.  There are many more options, including in Cranston (RI), Warwick (RI), Seekonk (MA), and Wrentham (MA), if you have access to a car or have more time for a longer bus ride.

There are also several neighborhoods that are within walking distance or a short bus ride of Brown.  These neighborhoods offer restaurants and shopping, including many locally owned establishments.

OISSS maintains food, shopping, and recreation options.


For general groceries, there is Eastside Market, which delivers to the campus, as well as several outlets of Whole Foods (a little more expensive) and a Stop and Shop.  During the fall and beginning again in the spring, Brown hosts a local farmer's market on campus on Wednesdays.