International Student Organizations

GBC Affiliated Student Organizations

Internationally-focused student organizations contribute greatly to the overall international student experience, from sponsoring culture shows to mentoring programs to advocacy and more. Consider getting involved with one or more of the groups listed below, or find many more international student organizations on BearSync. 

If your student organization would like to become affiliated with GBC, please fill out this form. GBC provides support to affiliated student organizations by advising for event planning, offering storage spaces and meeting spaces, promoting/advertising student organization events, and co-sponsoring events. We also invite all affiliated student organizations to plan a program for International Education Week in November and host a booth for the International Festival in April. 

African Students' Association (AfriSA) at Brown University

Our mission is to Bring together a community of people with interests, origin and love for the African continent. To engage in conversations and discussions on matters affecting countries and to make the Brown community more aware of the dynamics of the continent and its people

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    BRASA - Brownzilians

    The Browzilians is Brown's chapter of the Brazilian Student Association (BRASA), a non-profit organization created by Brazilians studying outside of our country aiming to establish prolific and long-lasting relations between Brazil and universities in the United States, thereby creating a platform through which students in the United States can act to impact and transform Brazil.

    The mission of the Brown's chapter is to establish a strong community of support for Brazilians, Brazilian-Americans, and other students interested in Brazil on College Hill.

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      • Brown/RISD Arab Society

        Our mission is to engage Brown students in learning about the culture of the Arab World, and to involve them in experiencing it for themselves through shared knowledge and understanding of group members.

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      • Brown German Club

        The BGC hosts various social events for undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and native German-speakers to come together to learn more about the German language and culture. 

        Undergraduates looking to practice their German and meet members of the German Studies Department are especially encouraged to join!

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      • Brown-RISD Hong Kong Student's Association (HKSA)

        Founded in 1984, the Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA) is one of the oldest cultural student associations at Brown. For over 30 years, HKSA has provided a community for Hong Kong students on College Hill and has been a platform for cultural exchange on the increasingly diverse Brown campus.

        In 2015, HKSA opened its membership to students of the neighboring Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

        Since 2017, the Brown-RISD Hong Kong Student Association aims to continue its mission of encouraging cultural exchange, as well as bridging the gap between Hong Kong students at both schools.

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      • Brown International Organization (BRIO)

        BRIO is a cultural organization open to any person in the Brown Community, both national and international. It hosts multiple events throughout the year, each with an international focus.

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      • Brown Iranian Student Association

        Brown Iranian Students Association strives to provide a space for Iranian students and to promote a greater understanding of Iranian culture on campus.

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      • Chinese Students and Scholars Association

        Brown CSSA was founded in 1998 with the mission to create a platform for communication, mutual support, and connections for the Chinese students and scholars at Brown University. We also organize various events, provide support, and help Chinese students and scholars engage with the domestic community. 

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      • Hansori

        Hansori performs Samulnori, a genre of Korean percussion music which has its roots in folk and farmer's music. We endeavor to promote and spread Samulnori across New England through performances, workshops, and collaborations with other institutions.

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      • Iranian Graduate Students Association (IGSA)

        Iranian Graduate Students Association (IGSA) at Brown University is a non-partisan volunteer student organization which serves current and prospective Iranian students and is committed to support and serve the interests of Iranian community at the Brown University. IGSA will provide social and professional networking within the graduate community and scientific societies. IGSA also tries to serve as a cultural ambassador and introduce Iranian culture, festivities, and cuisine to the broader community at Brown University.

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      • International Writers' Blog

        Our mission is to create a platform for Brown University’s International and ELL community to share cultural and linguistic experiences. Writing is a powerful form of communication and international voices offer unique perspectives. As our interest is in starting conversations, some of our pieces will be more polished, reflective works; others will be initial drafts produced in groups during ELL writing workshops. We welcome the writing of a diverse range of students, alumni, and faculty at Brown University. Our belief is that everyone has something important to share and we're proud to support this process.

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      • Japanese Cultural Association (JCA)

        JCA is a student organization that brings together both Japanese and non-Japanese students interested in any aspect of Japan. We share in and promote awareness of Japan by exploring diverse elements of Japan's rich culture--everything from the arts and customs to modern pop culture--through various events and activities.

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      • KASA

        The Korean-American Students Association, KASA, is a minority-student run organization with the goals of strengthening the Korean/Korean-American community and increasing knowledge of Korean cultural and ethnic attributes at Brown University.

        KASA hopes to voice the ideas and opinions of the Korean student body to the larger Brown population through social, political, and community service events.

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      • KISA

        Brown KISA is the Korean culture and identity group at Brown. Our mission is to foster the Korean community at Brown and to introduce various issues regarding the Korean society and culture to the Brown community and beyond.

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      • Mezcla Latin Dance Troupe

        MEZCLA is the only Brown/RISD latin-fusion dance troupe.

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      • Southeast Asian Studies Initiative (SEASI)

        SEASI at Brown is a student group committed to campaigning for more representation of Southeast Asia and its diasporas in the academic life of Brown, building an intellectual community around SEA and raising awareness for the study of the region.

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      • Students of Caribbean Ancestry

        Students of Caribbean Ancestry exists to educate and promote fellowship among students of Caribbean heritage and those interested in the Caribbean through discussion groups, forums, social gatherings, and other activities pertinent to Caribbean life. SOCA aims to educate and share Caribbean issues, culture and perspectives with all people interested in the Caribbean. Much like the Caribbean, SOCA is inclusive of all ethnic and lingual groups and aims to promote fellowship across all lingual, racial, ethnic boundaries.

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      • Brown Muslim Students' Association

        The Brown Muslim Students' Association (BMSA) is an independent student organization at Brown University founded in 1990 to meet the social, spiritual, cultural, and intellectual needs of Muslim students on the Brown and RISD campuses. The BMSA seeks to provide a warm, welcoming, and accessible community open to all who identify as or with Muslims and the Muslim community regardless of personal belief or degree of practice. All are welcome to BMSA events and activities held on campus.

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      • Brown Taiwan Society

        We are a student group at Brown University that focuses on sharing the Taiwanese culture with the student community.

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      • Efiwe-Brown

        Efiwe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and delivering University textbooks to African post-secondary institutions' libraries. This will help alleviate the lack in Tertiary Institutions.

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      • Khmer Student Association

        We want to create a space for those who identify themselves as Cambodians or those who want to learn more about our culture to come or bond together. We want to do our best representing our country and culture and get more recognition within Brown's community and especially to give Khmer students at Brown warm feeling that they at least have this group to talk to when needed.

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      • Hellenic Students Association

        The Hellenic Students Association is one of the oldest cultural associations at Brown. We organize and participate in events that promote the Greek culture such as: Traditional Dancing and Singing Performances, Live Music Nights, History & Politics Lectures/Panel Discussions, Poetry Reading Evenings , University Multicultural/Ethnic Events and Parties, Social Gatherings & Traditional Greek Celebrations. We often organize events together with the Classics, History and Comparative Literature Department. We are also trying to expand our relations with other organizations both on and off campus as well as establish a Modern Greek Chair at Brown University. To join us you do not have to be Greek or speak the language, everyone is welcome!

      • Let's Talk China

        The goal of LTC is to help lift the hazy veil that surrounds contemporary perceptions of China and its people. On the one hand, we would like to help Brown students prepare themselves for a world in which China will play a more and more important role. On the other hand, we would like to facilitate interactions between Chinese international students and the rest of the Brown community that are meaningful to both parties. 

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      • OJA! Modern African Dance

        The mission of Oja Modern African Dance is to be a dance family with the purpose of celebrating the diverse dance cultures present in Africa today. We explore expression through movement, and through these movements, we hope to bring awareness to something greater.

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      • Vietnamese Student's Association

        Welcome to the Brown Vietnamese Students Association! Throughout the year, we host events such as retreats, panels, workshops, dinners/banquets, film screenings, and culture/fashion shows, to name a few. We hope to create a safe, open, and honest community where we can watch movies, plan events, eat pho, and catch up with one another!

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