Semester Breaks and Summer

Plan Ahead!

Brown's academic calendar has several long breaks, including Thanksgiving (a U.S. holiday celebrated in late November), winter break (after finals end in December through the start of the spring term in late January), spring break (typically the last week of March), and, of course, summer.  Being on campus during these times can be a wonderful chance to catch up, enjoy Providence, or get a break. They can also be times when students can feel isolated as most undergraduates and some graduate students, faculty, and staff are not on campus.

Planning ahead for breaks is important, including where you'll stay and eat. Beginning with the 2013-14 academic year, Brown's meal plan now includes food services throughout Thanksgiving Break.  For other breaks, while some on-campus food venues are open, you will need to budget for these expenses.  Students generally cannot stay in their residence hall room during winter and summer breaks. Typically Graduate Center (which, despite its name, is an undergraduate residence hall) stays open during winter break, so opportunities exist to stay on campus there if you live there or arrange permission to stay in someone else's room.  More information available from Residential Life.

Also, many other campus services may be reduced or closed.  Emergency services are always available.  Campus Life maintains a list of links to campus facility hours, including the libraries and athletic facilities. 

Thankfully, there are resources available and things going on! ISE host events and programming throughout the holiday and summer breaks, and other offices also offer opportunities to stay engaged. 

Breaks Projects

During winter and spring break, various offices and groups typically sponsor breaks projects.  These projects are opportunities to engage in service and learning in Providence or around the world.  Some typical sponsors of these projects include the Swearer Center for Public Service, the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life, and Brown/RISD Hillel. Breaks are also great times to start or continue planning for what Life after Brown will be for you.

Additional resources