Doctor of Medicine

Brown’s innovative medical education programs train highly skilled physicians and researchers committed to health equity and service to society.

What kind of doctor do you want to be? The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University helps students find their passion and become the physicians they envision. Patient interactions that begin early in the first year teach the skills that a caring, compassionate physician needs. Close mentoring and advising guide students through the experiences that will set them on the path for career success. In fact, nearly half of our graduates match to residency programs at top-10 medical schools!

Opportunities abound for research experiences, special training such as the combined MD-ScM dual degree program, or the uniquely Brown scholarly concentrations program, where you can develop individualized scholarship in an area of interest to you.

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Brown has seven affiliated hospitals that serve 1 million people of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds.

The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Box G-A1
Providence, Rhode Island 02912, USA

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