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The M.D./MPA program is a joint, integrated, four-year program in which select students receive both a doctorate of medicine (M.D.) and a master of public affairs (MPA).

Are you interested in studying the interwoven aspects of public policy and health care? Would you like to use your medical degree to construct policies that make sense for patients?

Health care policies can have as much―sometimes even more―impact on patients’ health than their physician and the treatments available to them. Imagine you diagnose a patient with hepatitis C. You prescribe a round of life-saving, yet expensive, treatments, but their health insurance won’t pay for these treatments.

Brown University, the Warren Alpert Medical School and the Master of Public Affairs Program at the Watson Institute have developed a dual-degree program aimed at creating the next generation of leaders in medicine and health-care policy.  

Program Goals

In this program you will:

  • Learn how to analyze the intersections of medicine and public policy
  • Be prepared to take leadership positions in government, both nationally and internationally; research centers; or health care delivery organizations, and
  • Gain the knowledge, skills and content expertise necessary to lead health-care policy change in a rapidly evolving health care system

The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Box G-A1
Providence, Rhode Island 02912, USA

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