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The Ph. D. program is designed to provide strong support for students’ research. After devoting two years to coursework, students begin their research by conducting literature reviews under the supervision of faculty members, and by enrolling in a seminar intended to promote work aimed at publication.

To better support our current students through the global pandemic, admissions for the Philosophy program will be paused for the 2021-2022 academic year. We look forward to resuming our admissions process and reviewing applications.

Graduate students in the Philosophy program may focus their studies on the following areas: epistemology and metaphysics (including philosophy of mind); ethics (including applied ethics, metaethics, and normative ethics); history of philosophy (including the ancient, modern, or 19th and 20th centuries); philosophical logic; philosophy of language; philosophy in literature; philosophy of law; philosophy of mathematics; philosophy of physics; and political philosophy.

Admission Requirements

  • Writing Sample: Required
  • GRE General: Not required
  • GRE Subject: Not required

Application Deadline: January 2

Ph.D. Completion Requirements

Sixteen courses including at least 10 seminars, i.e., courses numbered above 201 or designated as seminars by the instructors; advancement to candidacy (based on qualification review of coursework completed during the first three semesters, satisfactory completion of course and distribution requirements, approval of a dissertation project); dissertation; oral defense.

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Department Chair: Bernard Reginster

Director of Graduate Studies: Christopher Hill