Daneva Moncrieffe

2018 Summer Scholar


When Daneva Moncrieffe joined the Hassenfeld Institute Summer Scholars program in 2018, she had just finished her first year at Brown and was considering a pre-med track. After doing clinical research with the Asthma Initiative, Moncrieffe realized that she had a passion for medicine and knew she wanted to become a physician.

“The Summer Scholars Program helped me determine my future career goals,” Moncrieffe said.

To gain clinical research experience, Moncrieffe chose to work with the Asthma Initiative, examining data from a study that focused on asthma medication adherence among eighth-graders across demographics.

“One of my research questions was to look at race and ethnicity as well as medication beliefs and family factors and how they related to medication discontinuation over a two-year period,” Moncrieffe said.

Moncrieffe was not familiar with childhood asthma prior to the Summer Scholars program, so it was a good learning experience, she said, and it made her realize the impact she would want to have on her patients as a physician.

Moncrieffe was mentored by Elizabeth McQuaid, Ph.D., ABPP, co-lead of the Asthma Initiative, who worked directly with Moncrieffe during her time as a scholar and always made time for one-on-one meetings with her to discuss her progress over the summer.

Moncrieffe, who is concentrating in cognitive neuroscience, said she has recommended the Summer Scholars Program to many friends, as it was a great opportunity to gain hands-on lab experience as an undergraduate student.

Moncrieffe is expected to graduate from Brown this spring and plans to study for the MCAT and work for two years before attending medical school.

"As a physician, I really hope to work in the public health realm to address health disparities that affect Black people and communities as well as other marginalized groups," Moncrieffe said.

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