ABC Study

Stress experienced by mothers before or during pregnancy and by children in early life contributes to the development of asthma. However, the multiple pathways through which this occurs have yet to be clearly identified.  This project will identify mechanisms underlying the associations between stress exposure in pregnant mothers and the development of asthma in their children. 


Specific Aims and Future Goals

Examining associations between specific immune biomarkers related to asthma in mothers and the likelihood of asthma onset in their offspring.

Examining whether stress, lack of protective behavioral and family processes, and genetic factors will predict asthma onset in children. 

The study began in August 2018 and the anticipated end date is August 2021. Our target for enrollment is 150 pregnant women with asthma and their newborns. The outcomes that will be reported include number of families enrolled and asthma status (i.e., asthma control and lung function).