Data Core

  • Director

    Dr. Rogers is a social demographer with extensive experience in complex data management, sampling, statistical analysis, and data visualization. Her primary expertise is in analyzing clustered data, longitudinal data, repeated measures, and data with complex sample designs. Dr. Rogers’ research interests include environmentally-mediated health conditions, health care utilization patterns, and the effect of chronic diseases on child and adolescent flourishing.

  • Senior Research Analyst

    Dr. Schlichting is an epidemiologist with experience in complex data management, statistical programming, database design, and data visualization. Her primary expertise is in SAS programming to prepare data sets and conduct analyses, database design and management using Microsoft Access, and survey design and management using REDCap and Qualtrics. Dr. Schlichting's research interests include pregnancy complications, preterm birth, birth defects, perinatal exposures, and life course epidemiology.

  • Research Analyst

    Mr. Scarpaci is a researcher with experience in statistical analysis, database management, and data visualization. His primary expertise is in creating and maintaining research databases and modelling statistical outcomes using statistical programs, including SAS, SPSS, and Microsoft Access, in addition to visualizing and communicating results effectively to a variety of audiences. Mr. Scarpaci’s research interests include early childhood health and development and environmental exposures.