Fuel Card Policy

Wright Fuel Express Card

The Wright Fuel Express Card program is Brown University's vehicle fuel procurement system. It is only for fuel purchases. Every University vehicle is assigned a fuel card and the card restricts purchases to individuals with a valid personal identification number (PIN). The following policies and procedures ensure the program operates effectively.

To Obtain a Wright Fuel Express Card Pin

  • To obtain a PIN, you must have your supervisor or vehicle coordinator's authorization. Your supervisor or vehicle coordinator must email Environmental Health & Safety requesting a Wright Express Fuel Card PIN for you.
  • Complete and sign the Wright Express Fuel Card agreement. Have your supervisor and vehicle coordinator sign the agreement. Return the agreement to Environmental Health & Safety.
  • Upon approval, contact Environmental Health & Safety to receive a valid PIN.

User Responsibilities 

  • Only use the fuel card assigned to the vehicle you are driving.¬†
  • Obtain a receipt and give the receipt to the department employee responsible for monitoring the account.
  • Enter the correct odometer reading at the time of fuel purchase.
  • Do not share your PIN. PINs must be kept confidential.
  • Report any misuse of the fuel card to your supervisor or to Environmental Health & Safety.
  • Report a missing card to your supervisor or to Environmental Health & Safety.

Department Responsibilities

  • Keep documentation on the Wright Express Fuel Card vehicle assignments by card number.
  • Keep documentation on authorized drivers.
  • Sign-up for view access on the Wright Fuel Card Website.
  • Review transactions online regularly to ensure odometer readings are correct, and to spot transactions that are unusual for your department. Investigate unusual transactions.
  • Reconcile fuel purchases. Reconciliation should be performed by someone who is not a fuel card user.
  • Notify Environmental Health & Safety of any changes of authorized PIN users (separation from the department or from Brown, name changes, etc.), or lost or stolen cards.