Current Fellowship Awardees


Meggan Gould- Associate Professor of Art, University of New Mexico; Photography After Photography (A Reckoning)

Tarrah Krajnak- Assistant Professor of Art, University of Oregon; Master Rituals

Jennifer Adler- Independent Underwater Photojournalist; Changing Seas

Leah Dyjak- Assistant Professor of Visual Art, Wheaton College; As we play god

RaMell Ross- Associate Professor of Visual Art, Brown University; South County, AL (a Hale County) 2018 - present


Film Studies

Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky- Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Studies; Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Chicago; Filming the Police

Usha Iyer- Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies, Stanford University; Indian Cinema and the Caribbean: Media Intimacies across Creolized Geographies

Alice Lovejoy- Associate Professor, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature and Moving Image Studies; Director, Center for Austrian Studies, University of Minnesota; A Chemical History of Film, 1910-1965: Raw Materials, Violent Technologies

Rielle Navitski- Associate Professor, Theatre and Film Studies, University of Georgia; Transatlantic Cinephilia: Film Culture Between Latin America and France