Previous Fellowship Awardees


Please note that old Howard Foundation files did not indicate an institutional affiliation for the first 25 years of the Foundation's existence. An asterisk* indicates unverified affiliation at the time of the fellowship, though the individual in question later was either independent or held a position as indicated. These were, of course, also affiliations at the time that the fellowship was received, not an indication of present affiliations. -May 2016.


Meggan Gould- Associate Professor of Art, University of New Mexico; Photography After Photography (A Reckoning)

Tarrah Krajnak- Assistant Professor of Art, University of Oregon; Master Rituals

Jennifer Adler- Independent Underwater Photojournalist; Changing Seas

Leah Dyjak- Assistant Professor of Visual Art, Wheaton College; As we play god

RaMell Ross- Associate Professor of Visual Art, Brown University; South County, AL (a Hale County) 2018 - present


Film Studies

Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky- Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Studies; Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Chicago; Filming the Police

Usha Iyer- Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies, Stanford University; Indian Cinema and the Caribbean: Media Intimacies across Creolized Geographies

Alice Lovejoy- Associate Professor, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature and Moving Image Studies; Director, Center for Austrian Studies, University of Minnesota; A Chemical History of Film, 1910-1965: Raw Materials, Violent Technologies

Rielle Navitski- Associate Professor, Theatre and Film Studies, University of Georgia; Transatlantic Cinephilia: Film Culture Between Latin America and France

Creative Nonfiction

Heather Christle, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, Emory University, English

Rachel Corbett, Independent Writer, Mind Games 

Chloé Cooper Jones, Professor of Philosophy at Helene Fuld College of Nursing, Easy Beauty

Jenn Shapland,  Independent Writer, Thin Skin: Essays on Toxicity, Commodification, and Queer Freedom


Lydia BarnettAssociate Professor History, Northwestern University, Earth Work: Gender, Knowledge, and Labor in Early Modern Earth Science

Françoise Hamlin, Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History, Brown University, Freedom's Cost: Children and Youth in the Black Freedom Struggle

Sherie RandolphAssociate Professor of History, Georgia Institute of Technology, "Bad" Black Mothers: A History of Transgression

Rose Stremlau, Associate Professor of History, Davidson College, Barbara Hildebrand Longknife: A Cherokee Life in the Age of American Empire

Bharat VenkatAssistant Professor, UCLA Department of History, Institute for Society & Genetics, A History of Heat in a Hot Place: Climate Adaptation, Race, and Sensation in Colonial India


Mary-Kim ArnoldVisiting Lecturer, Nonfiction Writing Program, Brown University, Artist Unknown, Korean

Julie Iromuanya, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago, A Season of Light: A Novel 

Namwali Serpell,  Professor of English at Harvard University, The Furrows


Patrick MorrisseyLecturer, Creative Writing​, ​University of Chicago, Particulars of Place​

Latasha Diggs, Independent Writer/Artist, Village/Global Studies

Yona Harvey, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, "All. Right. With. Me." Poems and Landscape Notations


Christine Evans, Associate Professor of Performing Arts, Georgetown University, Three Mary's- A Chamber Opera

Darcie Dennigan, Assistant Professor in Residence, University of Connecticut, Resident Playwright, The Wilbury Theatre Group, Off with Their Heads

Theatre Studies

Daniel Sack, Associate Professor,Graduate Program Director, Department of English and Commonwealth Honors College, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Real Tears, Fake Tears: Essays on the Act of Crying

Literary Studies

Shanna Benjamin, Associate Professor of English, Grinnell College, Half in Shadow:  The Life and Legacy of Nellie Y. McKay

Christopher Taylor, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago, The Voluntary Slave:  Atlantic Modernity's Impossible Subject

Katherine Wasdin, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, Fabricating Catullus: Catullus' Reception by Postmodern Women

Margaret Boyle, Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, Bowdoin College,“Why Should a Woman Study Medicine?”: Women and Health in Early Modern Spain

Maria Rosa-Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, University of Puerto Rico- Cayey, Truncated Modernities: Religious Hybridity of Muslims, Jews and Christians in Early Modern Spain


Andrei Renteria, Senior Lecturer, University of Texas at San Antonio, Sifting and Winnowing 

Ellen Harvey, Independent Artist, Mapping

Matt Rich, Assistant Professor University of San Diego, Expanded Painting

History of Art and Architecture

Sarah Betzer, Associate Professor, University of Virginia, Animating the Antique: Sculptural Encounters in the Age of Aesthetic Theory

Andrew Casper, Associate Professor of Art History, Miami University, Oxford, OH, The Shroud of Turin as Art, Icon, and Relic in Early Modern Italy

Melissa Kerin, Associate Professor of Art History, Washington and Lee University, BODIES OF OFFERINGS: THE MATERIALITY AND VITALITY OF TIBETAN BUDDHIST SHRINES

Sascha Scott,  Associate Professor, Syracuse University, Modern Pueblo Painting: Art, Colonization, and Aesthetic Agency


Cesar Cornejo, Associate Professor, Coordinator of Sculpture, School of Art and Art History, University of South Florida, Somber Monuments

Emily Hass, Independent Artist, no one leaves home unless

Scott Johnson, Associate Professor of Art and Art Department Chair, The Colorado College, Fissure

Sarah Oppenheimer, Independent Artist, Pivot and Slide

Michelle Gil-Montero, Lit. Translation into English, St. Vincent College

Roger Hallas, Film Studies, Syracuse University

Aviya Kushner, Creative Non-Fiction, Columbia College Chicago

Heather R. Love, Literary Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Patrick Madden, Creative Non-Fiction, Brigham Young University

T. Urayoán Noel, Literary Studies, New York University

Ravit Reichman, Literary Studies, Brown University

Elizabeth Rush, Creative Non-Fiction, Bates College

Yiman Wang, Film Studies, University of California Santa Cruz

Benjamin Broening, Music, University of Richmond

Stephanie Fleischmann, Playwriting, Skidmore College

Dana Gooley, Music, Brown University

Keeril Makan, Music, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David V. Mason, Theatre Studies, Rhodes College

Edward D. Melillo, History, Amherst College

Lydia Murdoch, History, Vassar College

Tracy Steffes, Education and History, Brown University

Lissa Wadewitz, History, Linfield College

Sinclair Bell, History of Art and Architecture, Northern Illinois University

Ashwini Bhat, Sculpture, Independent

Martin Brief, Painting, Saint Louis University

Lisa N. Owen, History of Art and Architecture, University of North Texas

John Warne Monroe, History of Art and Architecture, Iowa State University

Virginia Poundstone, Sculpture, Independent

Jocelyne Prince, Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design

Tommy White, Painting, Denison University

Chris Willcox, Painting, Macalester College

Noah Addis, Photography, Independent

Keliy Anderson-Staley, Photography, Independent

Laurel Bestock, Archaeology, Brown University

Jessica R. Cattelino, Anthropology, UCLA

Jason Francisco, Photography, Emory University

Simen Johan, Photography, Independent

Jessaca Leinaweaver, Anthropology, Brown University

Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría, Archaeology, University of Texas

Jessica Winegar, Anthropology, Northwestern University

Eula Biss, Creative Nonfiction, Northwestern University

Neil Blackadder, Literary Translation into English, Knox College

Amy Boesky, Creative Nonfiction Boston College

Geoffrey Brock, Literary Translation into English, University of Arkansas

John D’Agata, Creative Nonfiction, University of Iowa

Wenwei Du, Film Studies, Vassar College

Sara Guyer, Literary Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Brian Henry, Literary Translation into English, University of Richmond

Julie Park, Literary Studies, Vassar College

Daniel Raeburn, Creative Nonfiction, The University of Chicago

Karin Roffman, Literary Studies, United States Military Academy-West Point

Carmen Giménez Smith, Creative Nonfiction, New Mexico State University

Jacqueline Reich, Film Studies, Stony Brook University

Markus Asper, History, Associate Professor of Classics, New York University

Caroline Castiglione, History, Associate Professor of Italian Studies and History, Brown University

James Cook, History, Associate Professor of History and American Culture, University of Michigan

Valentina Izmirlieva, History, Associate Professor of Slavic Languages, Columbia University

Laura McEnaney, History, Associate Professor of History and Nadine Austin Wood Chair in American
History, Whittier College

Mark Overmeyer-Velázquez, History, Campus Director, UConn Hartford

Professor of History & Latinx American Studies

Karl Qualls, History, Chair and Associate Professor of History, Dickinson College, and Director, Dickinson
College Humanities Program, University of East Anglia

Manisha Sinha, History, Associate Professor of Afro-American Studies and History, University of
Massachusetts, Amherst

Joshua Gert, Philosophy, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Florida State University

Amy Olberding, Philosophy, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Oklahoma,

Pavlos Sfyroeras, Philosophy, Associate Professor of Classics, Middlebury College

Joy Calico, Musicology, Vanderbilt University

Scott T. Cummings, Theatre Studies, Boston College

Naomi Iizuka, Playwriting, University of California, San Diego

Charlotte Meehan, Playwriting, Wheaton College

Frederick Moehn, Musicology, Stony Brook University

Robert Nairn, Music-Performance, Penn State University

Alisa Solomon, Theatre Studies, Columbia University

Kotoka Suzuki, Music-Composition, University of Chicago

Amy Williams, Music-Composition, University of Pittsburgh

Sheri Wilner, Playwriting, Independent

Alexander Alberro, Art History, University of Florida

Yizhak Elyashiv, Visual Art, Independent

William Gleason, History of Architecture, Princeton University

Robin Greeley, Art History, University of Connecticut

Pam Lins, Visual Art, Independent

Hillary Mushkin, Visual Art, Orange Coast College

Paul Myoda, Visual Art, Brown University

Max Page,  History of Architecture, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Carol Prusa, Visual Art, Florida Atlantic University

Paul Ramirez Jonas, Visual Art, Bard College

Mat Rappaport, Visual Art, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Rigo 23, Visual Art, Independent

Loretta E. Bass, Sociology, University of Oklahoma

Neil, J. Diamant, Political Science, Dickinson College

Jeffrey D. Grynaviski, Political Science, University of Chicago

Jose E. Itzigsohn, Sociology, Brown University

Diane E. King, Anthropology, Washington State University

Eriberto P. Lozada, Anthropology, Davidson College

Mary E. Pattillo, Sociology, Northwestern University

H. Glenn Penny, Anthropology, University of Iowa

Adam T. Smith, Anthropology, University of Chicago

Michael R. Tomz, Political Science, Stanford University

Lisa J. Wedeen, Political Science, University of Chicago

Karen Coats, Literary Criticism, Illinois State University

Jeffrey Coleman, Literary Criticism, Illinois State University

Andrew Elfenbein, Literary Criticism, University of Minnesota

Forrest Gander, Translation, Brown University

Kenneth Haynes, Translation, Brown University

Hilaire Kallendorf, Literary Criticism, Texas A & M University

Adam Lowenstein, Film Criticism, University of Pittsburgh

Nicoletta Pireddu, Literary Criticism, Georgetown University

John Plotz, Literary Criticism, Brandeis University

Paul Saint-Amour, Literary Criticism, Pomona College

Russell Scott Valentino, Translation, University of Iowa

Elizabeth Young, Literary Criticism, Mount Holyoke College

Karen J. Alter, International Relations, Northwestern University

D. Graham Burnett, History of Science, Princeton University

Deborah Cohen, European History, Brown University

Michelle Egan, Comparative Politics, American University

Edward Gibson, Comparative Politics, Northwestern University

David J. Hancock, European History, University of Michigan

Elizabeth D. Heineman, European and Women’s History, University of Iowa.

Sara G. Lipton, European History, Stony Brook University

John D. Majewski, American History, University of California, Santa Barbara

Jeffrey P. Moran, History of Science, University of Kansas

Jonathan Sadowsky, History of Science, Case Western Reserve University

Miguel Tinker Salas, Latin American History, Pomona College

Caroline Winterer, Cultural History, San Jose State University


Azande, Playwriting, Independent

Jessica Chalmers, Playwriting, University of Notre Dame

Daniel Jones, Theatre Arts, Independent

Mary Ellen Junda, Music-Performance, University of Connecticut

Gretchen Horlacher, Musicology, Indiana University

Scott Lindroth, Music-Composition, Duke University

Phil Markowitz, Music-Composition,, New School for Social Research

Roberta Marvin, Musicology, University of Iowa

Georgine Resick, Music-Performance, University of Notre Dame

Mary Ann Smart, Musicology, University of California, Berkeley

Martin Stokes, Ethnomusicology, University of Chicago

Stephen Taylor, Music-Composition, University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana


Linda Besemer, Painting, Occidental College

Bruce Chao, Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design

Anne Higonnet, Art History, Wellesley College

David Joselit, Art History, University of California, Irvine

Christina Kiaer, Art History, Columbia University

Phyllis I. McGibbon, Studio Art, Wellesley College

Amy E. McNair, Art History, University of Kansas

Jerry Mischak, Sculpture, Brown University

Sabina D. Ott, Painting, Washington University in St. Louis

Maria Tomasula, Painting, University of Notre Dame

Elizabeth Valdez del Alamo, Art History, Montclair State University

Timothy J. Van Laar, Painting, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne

Kim T. Yasuda, Sculpture, University of California, Santa Barbara

Randolph Clarke, Philosophy, University of Georgia

Gerald Creed, Anthropology, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate School

Robert Desjarlais, Anthropology, Sarah Lawrence College

Roger Gould,  Sociology, University of Chicago

John Kelly, Anthropology, University of Chicago

Pauline Kleingeld, Philosophy, Washington University at St. Louis

Annelise Riles, Anthropology, Northwestern University

Margaret Somers, Sociology, University of Michigan

Christian Wildberg, Philosophy, Princeton University

Jennifer Whiting, Philosophy, Cornell University

Laurie Whitt, Sociology, Michigan Technological University


Elizabeth Abel, Literary Criticism, University of California, Berkeley

Gerard Aching, Literary Criticism, New York University

Nora Alter, Film Criticism, University of Florida

Valerie Boyd, Literary Criticism, Independent

Christina de la Torre, Translation, Emory University

Jan Levi, Literary Criticism, Independent

Kathryn Morgan, Literary Criticism, University of California, Los Angeles

Robert Nixon, Literary Criticism, Columbia University

Carol Poore, Literary Criticism, Brown University

Philip Watts, Literary Criticism, University of Pittsburgh

Tracy Sharpely Whiting, Literary Criticism, Purdue University



Eliza Anderson, Playwriting, Independent

John Gregory Brown, Fiction, Sweet Briar College

Pearl Cleage, Playwriting, Spelman College

Jennifer C. Cornell, Fiction, Oregon State University

Jean T. Day, Poetry, Independent

Peter Gizzi, Poetry, University of California, Santa Cruz

Shelley Jackson, Fiction, Independent

Donald Judson, Fiction, Independent

Peter Gale Nelson, Poetry, Brown University

Melissa Pritchard, Fiction, Arizona State University

Marjorie Welish, Poetry, Pratt Institute

Anthony Marx, Political Science, Columbia University

Pamela S. Gossin, History of Science, University of Texas, Dallas

Raymond A. Jonas, History, University of Washington

Steven Bullock, History, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

May Kupiec Cayton, History, Miami University

Wendy Schiller, Political Science, Brown University

Gil J. Stein, Archaeology, Northwestern University

Lynn Nyhart, History of Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Leslie Anderson, Political Science, University of Florida


Jane Bryden, Performance, Smith College

David Ferris, Musicology, Amherst College

Stephen Jaffee, Composition, Duke University

Sally Pinkas, Performance, Dartmouth College

Anne W. Robertson, Musicology, University of Chicago

Rose Subotnik, Musicology, Brown University

Melinda Wagner, Composition, Hunter College

Jeanette S. Cole, Painting, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Eve D'Ambra, Art History, Vassar College

Judy A. Haberl, Sculpture, Massachusetts College of Art

Amy G. Hauft, Sculpture, Temple University

James D. Herbert, Art History, University of California, Irvine

Annette R. Lemieux, Painting, Brown University

W. Jackson Rushing, Art History, University of Missouri, St. Louis


Hugh H. Benson, Philosophy, University of Oklahoma

Sheila Bonde, Archaeology, Brown University

Steven J. Harris, History of Science, Brandeis University

Susan A. Harvey, Religious Studies, Brown University

Karen L. King, Religious Studies, Occidental College

Richard L. Kremer, History of Science, Dartmouth College

Kenneth L. Manders, Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh

Karen Barkey, Sociology, Columbia University

Philip Joseph Benedict, History, Brown University

William Rogers Brubaker, Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles

Guilain P. Denoeux, Political Science, Colby College

Richard J. Ellis, Political Science, Willamette University

Dale Jordan Jaffe, Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Wilfred Mark McClay, History, Tulane University


Kathleen Elizabeth Diffley, Literature & Language, University of Iowa

Roberta Teague Herrin, Literature & Language, East Tennessee University

Sylvia Jean Huot, Literature & Language, Northern Illinois University

Gail Diane Lenhoff, Literature & Language, University of California, Los Angeles

Adriana Mendez, Comparative Literature, University of Iowa

Stephen Myers Watt, Comparative Literature, Indiana University

Scott Douglas Westrem, Comparative Literature, Lehman College,CUNY

Madison Smartt Bell, Fiction, Goucher College

Caron Ann Cioffi, Literary Criticism, Northern Illinois University

William Henry Galperin, Literary Criticism, Rutgers University

Elissa S. Guralnick, Literary Criticism, University of Colorado

Christopher James Looby, Literary Criticism, University of Chicago

George O'Brien, Fiction, Georgetown University

Jeffrey Thomas Skinner, Poetry, University of Louisville

Arthur Sze, Poetry, Independent

Curtis Cacioppo, Music, Haverford College

James D'Emilio, Art History, University of South Florida

Margot Fassler, Musicology, Brandeis University

Christopher T. Hailey, Musicology, Occidental College

Jacqueline Lichtenstein, Art History, University California, Berkeley

Joan E. Livingstone, Sculpture, Art Institute of Chicago

Suzan Pitt, Filmmaking, Harvard University

Juan Sanchez, Painting, Independent


Kenneth Gale Hirth, Archaeological Studies, University of Kentucky

Carl Augustus Huffman, Classics, DePauw University

Phillip Thomas Mitsis, Classics, Cornell University

Thomas V. Morris, Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

Oliver Philip Nicholson, Classics, University of Minnesota

S. Georgia Nugent, Classics, Brown University

Robert N. Proctor, History of Science, New School for Social Research


Myra Bluebond-Langner, Sociology, Rutgers University

Robert Peter George, Political Science, Princeton University

Robert Alan Gross, History, Amherst College

Douglas D. Heckathorn, Sociology, University of Missouri

Christopher Joseph Kelly, Political Science, University of Baltimore

Ralph W. Mathisen, History, University of South Carolina

Daniel Joseph Singal, History, Hobart and William Smith College

Linda Brewster Stearns, Sociology, Louisiana State University

Leonard Barkan, Language and Literature, Northwestern University

Claudia Joan Brodsky, Comparative Literature, Princeton University

William C. Dowling, Jr., Literary Criticism, Independent

Cheryl Temple Herr, Literary Criticism, University of Iowa

Laura Linda Orr, French Literature, Duke University

Allen H. Reddick, Literary Criticism, Harvard University

Susanne M. Zantop, Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College


Mary T. Boatwright, Classical Studies, Duke University

Stephen M. Dembski, Music, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Barbara Drucker, Art History, University of California, Los Angeles

Joel Fisher, Sculpture, Independent

Wayne Higby, Sculpture, Alfred University

Marlene Malik, Art History, Brown University

Samuel C. Morse, Art History, Amherst College

James L. Sturm, Art History, College of Staten Island

Joan Cadden , History of Science, Kenyon College

Lorraine J. Daston, History of Science, Princeton University

Peter Galison, History of Science, Stanford University

Carol L. Meyers, Religious Studies, Duke University

Kathleen W. Slone, Archaeology, University of Missouri, Columbia

Allen E. Stairs, Philosophy, University of Maryland

Walter Adamson, Political Science, Emory University

Paul Burstein, Sociology, Vanderbilt University

Katherine Park Dyer, History, Wellesley College

Philip T. Hoffman, History, California Institute of Technology

David D. Laitin, Political Science, University of California, San Diego

Alison F. Richard, Anthropology, Yale University

Susan Handleman, Literary Criticism, University of Maryland

John D. Niles, Literary Criticism, University of California, Berkeley

Gregory Freidin, Foreign Languages, Stanford University

Elinor Ochs, Foreign Languages, University of Southern California

Marilyn Brown, Art History, Tulane University

Dale Kinney, Art History, Bryn Mawr College

Fellowships Not Offered

Joseph Aleshkovsky, Creative Writing, Independent

Ernie Gehr, Filmmaking, Independent

Graham Nickson, Art, Independent

Gerald Geison, History, Princeton University

J. Morgan Kousser, History, California Institute of Technology

Joseph J. Kruzel, Science, Duke University

Paul Rabinow, History, University of California, Berkeley

Gabriele Winkler, Religion, St. John's University

Robert Ball, Spanish & Portuguese, Stanford University

Priscilla P. Clark, French, University of Illinois, Chicago

Dorothy Gillerman, Art History, Brown University

Stephen Greenblatt, English, University of California, Berkeley

Gary Morson, Slavic Languages, University of Pennsylvania

Andrew Ramage, Art History, Cornell University

George Bass, Playwriting, Brown University

Peter Fergusson, Art History, Wellesley College

Walter Hamady, Book-Making, University of Wisconsin, Madison

David Josephson, Music, Brown University

Steven Sloman, Painting, New York Studio School

Jeff T. Titon, Music, Brown University

J. Rufus Fears, Ancient History, Indiana University

Kenneth A.R. Kennedy, Anthropology, Cornell University

Marjorie K. McIntosh, Medieval History, Independent

Charles Neu, American History, Brown University

Nicolaas Rupke, Geology, Princeton University*

Sylvia G. Brown, Classics, University of Michigan*

Gayl Jones, Creative Writing-Novel, University of Michigan

Gordon Shenton, French Literature, Harvard University

Kathleen Spivak, Creative Writing-Poetry, Independent

Peter Evans, Sociology, Brown University

Richard Fishman, Art, Brown University

Daniel K. Lentz, Music-Composition, Independent

Linda Collins Reilly, Classics, College of William and Mary

Rosemarie Waldrop, Creative Writing-Poetry, Independent

Arturo Islas, Chicano Literature, Stanford University

Joel Cohen, Music-Performance, Independent

Ying-Mao Kau, Chinese Political Science, Brown University

Abbott Gleason, Russian History, Brown University

Ira A. Kuhn, French Literature, University of Rhode Island

Lynn H. Lees, History, Mount Holyoke College

Dietrich Schroeer, Social Responsibility of Science, Univ. of North Carolina

Anne M. Schulz, Art History, Brown University

Christopher Wilmarth, Sculpture, Independent

Rosellen Brown, Creative Writing, Independent

Michael Goldman, Drama Criticism, Princeton University

Wallace Johnson, Asian Legal History, University of Kansas

Anthony Molho, Biography, Brown University

Helen Chasin, Creative Writing, Independent

Gloria Rose Donington, Musicology, University of Pittsburgh*

Carl Goldstein, Art History, University of North Carolina, Greensboro*

Italo Scanga, Sculpture, Independent

Lawrence Buell, American Literature, Oberlin College

Anne Thurman Chiarenza, Creative Writing, Independent*

Robert Hubbard, Sculpture, Independent*

Gerald Storzer, French Literature, Brown University

Frank Durand, Spanish Literature, Brown University

Donald Fanger, Russian Literature, Harvard University

Herbert Heidelberger, Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Ronald Schnell, Painting, Tougaloo College

Richard Sorabji, Philosophy, Cornell University

Erwin Hargrove, Political Science, Brown University

David Hollister, Music-Composition, Independent

Erwin Levine, Political Science, Skidmore College

Robert S. Neuman, Painting, Brown University*

Katsu Hirai Young, Japanese History, University of Washington*

Marcia Allentuck, English Literature, City University of New York*

Varujan Boghosian, Sculpture, Brown University

Dennis P. Silk, Poetry, Independent*

Peter K. Marshall, Classics, Amherst College

Ron Nelson, Music, Brown University

Mary Ross Townley, Art Education, Independent

Theodore Andersson, Germanic Literature, Harvard University

Alan L. Boegehold, Greek History & Literature, Brown University

Mortimer Chambers, Ancient Greek History, University of California, Los Angeles

Emmet Larkin, History, University of Chicago*

John D. Maguire, Religion, Independent*

Raymond T. Jackson, Music, Independent

Sanford A. Lakoff, Political Science, SUNY-Stony Brook

R.B. Lewcock, Architectural & Cultural Literature, Columbia University

Louis Pichierri, Music, Providence Public Schools

Minoo Adenwalla, Political Science, Lawrence University

Millicent Bell, English Literature, Boston University*

Martin Halpern, English Literature, University of California, Berkeley

Ping-Ming Hsiung, Sculpture, Independent

Andrew J. Reck, Philosophy, Tulane University*

Ben H. Bagdikian, Mass Communicationsm, Providence Journal

Elmer E. Cornwell, Political Science, Brown University

Walter Feldman, Painting, Brown University

Gordon D. Kaufman, Theology & Philosophy, Vanderbilt University

Karl G. Kohn, Music, Independent

Richard S. Westfall, History of Science, Grinnell College

John W. Baldwin, Medieval History, Johns Hopkins University

Albert Bush-Brown, Architectural History & Criticism, MIT

Raymond T. Jackson, Music, Independent

Henry Kucera, Slavic Linguistics, Brown University

Susanne H. Rudolph, Political Science, Independent

Klaus Epstein, German History, Brown University

George Fortune, Music-Performance, Independent

Henry Klein, Architecture, Independent

Daniel G. Lewis, Music-Performance, Independent

Beverly S. Ridgely, French Literature, Brown University

Rosalie L. Colie, History, Barnard College

David Krause, Literature, Brown University

Beatrice Krebs, Music-Performance, Independent

Horace L. Smith, Calligraphy, Independent*

Fred Berthold, Jr., Theology, Dartmouth College

David Donald, History, Johns Hopkins University*

Richard C. Taylor, Philosophy, Brown University

William Dineen, Music, Brown University

Donald Fleming, History of Science, Brown University

Hans Goedicke, Egyptology, Johns Hopkins University*

Cecelia Kenyon, Political Science, Smith College*

Elias Rivers, Spanish Poetry, SUNY-Stony Brook*

Allen Sapp, Music, Harvard University

Vincent Scully, Art, Yale University

Edward J. Brown, Russian Literature, Brown University

Roderick Chisholm, Philosophy, Brown University

Edward Fenton, Art History, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Herbert Weisinger, English Literature, Michigan State University

Jose Gomez-Ibanez, History of Science, Wesleyan University

Jan Holcman, Music, Independent

Robert Morse, Physics, Brown University

Douglas Oliver, Anthropology, Harvard University

Virginia Ross, Geology, Brown University

Clarence Ver Steeg, History, Northwestern University

Margaret L. Coit, Biography, Independent

Thomas L. Reed, Art, Brown University

David A. Robertson, Jr., History, Barnard College

John L. Stewart, Literature, Dartmouth College