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Connect a Browserless Device (e.g., gaming system, printer) to the Brown Network

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These instructions are only for devices that cannot connect to the recommended wireless network, "Brown". Examples include gaming systems, wireless printers, Apple TV, Roku. Please note: currently, Chromecasts do not work.

Wired (Ethernet) Connection

If your device is able to connect over a wired connection (with an ethernet cable), please fill out the following form and the IT Service Center will add your device to the network. You will receive a notification after it has been added.

You will need the MAC address of your device to fill out the form. Need help finding the MAC address?

Wireless Connection

If you'd like to connect your device wirelessly, you can register it yourself. This registration will allow it to connect to Brown-Guest. Even on Brown-Guest, it should be able to interact with devices on Brown (for example, you should be able to print to a wireless printer on Brown-Guest from your laptop connected to Brown).

The instructions below are generic; device-specific instructions are available for: Apple TV, RokuSamsung Smart TVWireless Printer

  1. From your computer or another device already connected to Brown's network, visit
  2. Log in with your Brown username and password
  3. Click Create Device
  4. Fill out the form with the information for your device, then submit. You will need the MAC address of your device. Need help finding the MAC address?
  5. After you have submitted the form, you can connect your device to the Brown-Guest network. If you had already tried to connect it, you will need to disconnect and reconnect.
  6. Make sure your device is secured! (see note below)

Security Notes for Wireless

  • Discoverability: Devices on the Brown-Guest network may be discoverable. For that reason, you should secure your device in any way possible. For example, set a passcode on your Apple TV.
  • Network security: Brown-Guest is an unencrypted wireless network. Please be aware that any data sent over the Brown-Guest network is unencrypted and could be intercepted easily. Don't use devices connected to Brown-Guest to transmit or store sensitive information.

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