Decide How to Store and Share Files

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Several services at Brown allow you to share and store files. This guide will let you compare the options and decide which one(s) are right for you. 

File Storage / Department File Services

Departmental File Services provides university  departments with a location in which files can be stored, backed up, and shared across the department. Typical quotas are approximately 100GB per department however much larger quotas can be accommodated.   In addition to department file services Files.Brown.EDU can accommodate larger allocation for research data not requiring access to high performance compute resources.  The service can be accessed by mapping the drive on your computer (Windows Explorer on PC or Finder on a Mac), or by visiting in a web browser.

Google Drive

Google Drive gives you unlimited space store and share documents. The native Google document formats allow for real-time collaboration and versioning. You can also store unconverted files of various types in your Google Drive. It's easy to share files with members of the Brown community (including Google Groups) and non-Brown Google accounts; files can be shared with view-only or edit access.


CCV's BrownBox is a service for sharing files that are too large for email. It allows for both the sending and receipt of large files using a web interface.

  • Best for: very large files, temporary storage, sending an email link to a file that can be downloaded
  • More info: Service Catalog | Documentation

Research Data Storage

RData is a high performance data storage system which is accessible from any computer connected from Brown's campus network.  It is backed up nightly on an incremental basis.   All faculty or PI's receive 256GB free allocation.  Additional storage may be purchased on an annual or longer term basis.

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