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Internships with Web Services

Brown Students,
make even better.

Do you like really good content? Great functionality? Web Services internships offer the opportunity to make the Brown web better.  Our three types of internships are open to Brown University undergraduate students.  

We look to add interns to our team in September, January, and May, but we'll always read applications and consider mid-semester additions.

Web Programmer Interns

You're interested in the internet, mobile web, web programming, online communications, and using the internet in new and innovative ways, and you have an inner geek that loves code. We get that.

Our interns work with our designers and programmers to develop custom sites and applications for Brown University departments, often using BrownSites (our CMS based on Drupal) or BrownBlogs (based on WordPress).  They create modules, themes and other aspects of BrownSites/BrownBlogs, develop modules for Brown's Mobile Website, and participate in Web Services team activities including codefests, troubleshooting, debugging, and testing.

You should have: experience authoring web pages or applications using HTML5, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, and/or PHP.  Experience with Drupal and/or WordPress is preferred but not required. Learn more and apply.

Web Content (Writer) Interns

Words and presentation matter to you, probably alot. Sure, it's good to be the grammar guru within your friend circle, but it's great to be the guy or girl that can turn a boring set of words into web poetry of words, links, images, and video. You can tell a story like its your job, and soon you will.

Our content interns work with our designers and with the content owners/maintainers in departments to update stale webpages, draft new content, and to reformat their webpages and sites to better connect with their audiences and effectively tell the story of their work. 

You should be a proficient writer and have experience creating effective web content in various forms including blog posts and social media posts. (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc). Ability to resize images, write a perfect caption, and know the best location within a page for a video would be ideal. Experience with WordPress and/or Drupal are great, but not required. Learn more and apply

Web Design/Web Communications Interns

You're interested in modern communications, good design, and using all the power of the internet to get a message out. Yeah, so are we.

Our design and communication interns work with our designers and programmers to plan, test usability, and make Brown websites even better. They perform usability and information architecture tests to make sites easier to navigate and use. They design wireframes (stick-figure drawings that demonstrate the layout of a website) and they draft and edit reports/presentations for departments on their website strategy.  Interested more in graphic design?  We'll find a way to put your talents to use as well.

You should have experience with a variety of web browsers, any web editor of choice, and web languages like HTML5 and CSS. Experience with WordPress and/or Drupal, website usability, SEO, and tools such as Optimal Workshop, Morae, Usabilla, Clicktale, Google Analytics, Site Improve, etc are great, but not required.  Learn more and apply.