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The Process

Everything you need is in-house.

Web Services designs and builds web sites and web applications for academic and administrative departments. When we work on a project, small or large, we use this simple process to deliver Brown departments, centers, and organizations the high-quality sites that you seek.

1. Establish Goals

Web Services helps ensure that you are clear about your needs and leads you to the best solution to meet your goals.  We will steer you to the appropriate product—be it web site, blog or other—and identify the features and functionalities required to facilitate your internal processes and external communication needs.  When we work with you on a custom project, we discuss the goals of the project and draft a scope of work to assure that we are in agreement about the work to be done.

2. Strategy and Design

Great websites are well designed and address your group's goals. Through usability testing, logic testing, website statistical analysis and a slew of other tools, Web Services works with you to develop online strategies and assists with the design of your site.

3. Implementation and Testing

After design, Web Services builds and tests your site, working closely with you to ensure that the site works the way that you want.  Do you need special testing to ensure that the site works on an iPhone, iPad, or smartphone?  We can help with that, too.


4. Stewardship and Maintenance

We provide you with tools that minimize the work that you need to do to keep your site up-to-date.  While you'll have to write content and provide multimedia assests, Web Services is at the ready to resolve technical issues that may arise, and of course, to help you plan improvements to your website.