Other Web-based Tools

Web Services offers a variety of services and web solutions. Other than  BrownSites, these are our most popular:


Web Services provides Wordpress-driven blogs on blogs.brown.edu. This service is available for departments, courses, and individuals. Request a blog, or read the blog documentation.


Web Services provides spaces on wiki.brown.edu for administrative and academic use. Request a wiki, or read the wiki documentation.

Short URLs

Submit a request for a vanity URL or top-level subdomain (subject to approval), or just use the Go Service to create short, memorable web addresses for important web pages.


Our .htaccess file generator allows you to manage access to your web site using Shibboleth.

Web Hosting Services

Intended for web developers to build their own basic web sites. Complete the request form for an account or read the online documentation.

Contact webservices@brown.edu to inquire about how we can help you achieve your goals.