The Brown University Campus Metabolism will be an interactive, web-based, educational, research, and operational tool that tracks sustainability initiatives across campus.  The tool is being developed with a multi-pronged solution to provide faculty, students, researchers, and sustainability professionals a centralized database of downloadable Brown community sustainability data.  The goal of the metabolism is to provide data-driven, visualization tools of campus energy use, waste diversion, water use, alternative transportation, and sustainable food. Additionally, the site will host the annual Brown Unplugged Residence Hall Energy Competition.

Currently in development, the metabolism will begin with campus energy metrics of energy utilization index (EUI) and consumption totals by building in addition to hosting the competition. Additional modules will be added when resources to support development are available.

Below is a snapshot of the Brown Unplugged competition page that is featured on the Metabolism site.

Brown Unplugged BIG page.png