Facilities Initiatives

Green Dorm Room

The Virtual Green Room at Brown University was created by the Energy and Environmental Office of Facilities Management to help all Brown students who are interested in learning how they can live more sustainably. Check out the Green Room page to learn about the many sustainable items you can be purchase for a more environmentally friendly dorm!  Making even small changes to individual dorm rooms can make a B.I.G. difference!

Dorm Energy Efficiency Project (DEEP)

Brown’s Office of Energy and Environmental Programs is partnering with GreenerU on a pilot program to improve energy efficiency and promote sustainable behavior in dorms.  The project will begin with infrastructure improvements and outreach programming in Diman Hall.  

Funding Opportunities for on-campus carbon reductions: 

Miscellaneous Energy Efficiency Improvement Opportunities in Existing Buildings

This funding source is intended to address all projects that can be completed in a reasonably short time period to help Brown meet its annual greenhouse gas reduction targets. This funding process is intended to allow any opportunity that arises outside the purview of major construction projects to be identified and funded as the need arises. Student and departments with energy saving ideas should consider this funding opportunity.  

Access to funding:  Funding will be provided at the discretion of the Director of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Initiatives. If lifecycle analysis is successful meeting a 8.5% IRR (having a less than 5-year payback period), funding will include the complete installation of the new equipment.  Once that approval is received, a Facilities Management Project Manager will be assigned to oversee the project and the submitting team will remain an integral part of the project to its completion. For more information contact: jeffrey_baum@brown.edu.