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Energy Goals

  • Reduce the overall energy density of existing facilities by 20% by EOY 2012 with annual reduction targets of 5% from FY2009-FY2012. By 2013, evaluate the potential for additional efficiency improvements based on new technologies, establishing additional annual targets as may be appropriate.
  • Reduce overall energy density of all new and acquired facilities (including major renovations and additions of major energy consuming equipment) an average of 50% below pertinent building codes and no less than a 25% reduction in any single building.
  • Require Brown to utilize renewable energy equivalent to at least 18,000 megawatt-hours (MWH) of electricity by 2010. This can be accomplished through onsite energy generation, investments in external renewable energy projects, and/or the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates. Establish a target beyond 2010 of up to an additional 18,000 megawatt hours of renewable generation. These targets are in addition to Rhode Island's regulatory requirement that at least 16% of all Brown's electricity purchases will be from renewable energy sources by 2019.
  • Reduce total greenhouse gas emissions from the Central Heat Plant through increased cogeneration sufficient to reduce emissions by at least 7,000 MTCDE by 2012. 

Brown Unplugged

Brown Unplugged: Do it in the Dark is our annual dorm energy competition, now in its 5th year.  Happening the first three weeks of March every year, many dorms on campus compete to see who can reduce their energy consumption the most. The dorm that shows the highest percentage of energy reduction by the end of the competition wins a range of prizes. In the past, those prizes have included dinner with the University President, being entered into a raffle for bikes and Spring Weekend tickets, and more. Look out for more information in February on how to register, and check out these tips on how to conserve energy in campus buildings all year! 

Energy Dashboard

Building Dashboard is a tool the university uses to track energy usage in dorm and academic buildings throughout the year. The site also hosts metrics for the annual Brown Unplugged Dorm Energy Competition. Explore the site to see how your dorm or building is doing! If your residence hall is not metered on the dashboard, you’d like a specific academic or office building, or you’d like utility data besides electric, Brown tracks its monthly bills through Facilities Management. If you’re doing research for a class project, e-mail

Brown's Energy Use Trends and Projections 1992-2015

Download the document here