Green Dorm Room

Welcome to the Virtual Green Room at Brown University!  Use the interactive window below to look around the Green Room at some of the many sustainable items you can buy for your dorm. By purchasing sustainable items and adopting green living habits, you can reduce your personal impact and help Brown achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 42% below 2007 levels by 2020. Making even small changes to what you purchase for your room can make a BiG difference!

Before you head out shopping, take a look at the Green Dorm Packing List to find local stores that have the items you want to purchase. Once you have chosen the items you would like to purchase, plan out the shortest shopping route possible. Part of living green is planning ahead to reduce unnecessary trips and miles driven! Keep in mind, almost all of the Green Room items can be found at the Brown University Bookstore.  Look for the “Green Room Choice” labels.