Departmental Sustainability Program Overview

The E&E Office started the Departmental Sustainability Program (DSP) in Spring 2016 as an initiative to encourage Brown departments to engage with and adopt sustainable practices, all as part of campus-wide goals. The E&E Office works in collaboration with the department to assess current practices around food, energy and water, waste, transportation, and environmental health and wellness. The department then works with the E&E Office to develop concrete recommendations for improving these routine behaviors and practices. Our office recommends initiatives and associated resources needed to pursue more sustainable alternatives and is involved throughout the implementation and follow-up phases. If you are interested in making your department, office, or school more sustainable, contact Jessica Berry, the Director of Sustainability Initiatives at Brown.


Departmental Sustainability Partners

Our first DSP pilot was conducted at the 200 Dyer location of the School of Professional Studies. The pilot included adding organics collection stations in the building’s kitchen areas and providing educational materials about sustainability to staff. This pilot has proved to be extremely successful and well received.  The current focus at 200 Dyer is on implementing recommendations that were identified throughout the duration of the program.

The E&E Office is currently working with the Warren Alpert Medical School to engage students, faculty, and staff in making more sustainable choices. The waste audit phase is complete, and the assessments for energy and water, transportation, and food will begin soon.

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  Climate and Health Speakers Series

As part of the partnership with the Medical School, the E&E office is co-sponsoring the Climate and Health Speaker Series to emphasize the role of the medical community in addressing the intersection of climate health and human health.

Keep your eyes open for information on the four events in this series: Climate and Health Panel, Climate, Health, and Resiliency on November 2nd, Climate, Health, Racial Equity, and Resiliency Planning on March 8th, and a Ted Talk-esque panel on waste, food, transportation, energy and water on a TBD date.