In an effort to reduce water and sewer use, the E&E office hired a water systems consultant to evaluate our potable water systems and recommend best practices. These best practices identified 18 specific measures to implement throughout campus including:

  • installation of abatement meters for cooling tower makeup water units at nine locations;
  • chilled water condensate recovery units at seven sites (including Sidney E. Frank Hall);
  • replacement of water-cooled compressors serving BioMed and the Faculty Club;
  • and the implementation of corrective measures to address miscellaneous but substantial water waste (“leaks”) across campus.

These measures will be implemented in FY 2017 and will generate $200,000 in annual savings.

On College Hill, Brown must be careful about waste water run off and use both natural and technological mitigation methods.  Currently, the following stormwater and water efficiency measure have been implemented on campus:

  • The Urban Environmental Lab -  rain garden
  • 85 Waterman, the home of the Institute at Brown for Environment & Society - Rain garden and grey water system
  • Sidney Frank Hall - stormwater retention for irrigation system a rain garden
  • Granoff Creative Arts - Green roof
  • Med Ed - Green roof
  • Trayless Dining -Brown Dining committed to trayless dining in its Verney-Woolley dining hall. Trayless dining reduces water use, waste, energy, and chemicals otherwise used to wash trays.

brown roof garden big.JPG

Rooftop garden on the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts