The E&E Office works to create opportunities where students can use campus as a living lab and work on projects that will improve their academic and professional skills, all while providing our office with creativity, passion, perspective, and talent.  The office currently employs thirteen paid interns who work on or support a variety of sustainability-related topics including recycling, compost, marketing and design, sustainable transportation, food waste, and green tour options.

Nothando Adu-Gyamfi, Departmental Sustainability Program (DSP)


Nothando is a junior at Brown, concentrating in Chemical Engineering. Originally from South Africa, she is the Renewable energy and DSP intern with E&E. Nothando is researching renewable energy opportunities for Brown, which could be a major component of the plan to enable Brown to reach it's 2020 sustainability goals. She also leads the Departmental Sustainability Program,  a project to encourage Brown departments to engage with and adopt sustainable practices within their departments, all as part of a larger, campus-wide goal.  Outside of this, Nothando likes dancing, reading, and collecting things in different shades of purple.

Tiger Dingsun, Communication and Design 

small_Tiger 2.jpg

Tiger is the graphic design and communications intern. He creates posters, brochures, stickers, flyers, and signs for various projects. Tiger is a sophomore studying Graphic Design at RISD and Computer Science at Brown. His current goal is to limit the amount of items he owns so that his room will always be clean.

Agnes Cheng, Sustainability Tours and Energy

small_agness compressed 2.png

Agnes is a sophomore concentrating in Biology, trying to study plants and biotechnology at the same time. She is the sustainability Tour and Energy Conservation intern and helps manage the tour program, serves on the energy conservation committee to create new programming, and helps plan the climate and health speaker series. Outside of E&E work, Agnes can be found playing ultimate frisbee, drawing, or hurrying to class with a good podcast. 

Zev Izenberg, Videography and Photography


Zev is a junior who studies Computer Science with a focus in Visual Computing. He also paints, animates, and writes. He's working on an informational video for the E&E office and is picking up the reins of the composting program (for now). Zev wants to help everyone use sustainable practices and live a green life! When he's not interning, Zev likes to go on bike rides, listen to music, and make art. 

Jason Hebert, Marketing and Communication 


Jason is the E&E office's Marketing and Communication Intern. Their main task will be to prepare and perfect the Sustainability Report for when it is released in September. They will also manage the office's social media presence and help to solidify the newly implemented communication plan. Jason is a junior concentrating in Modern Culture and Media and loves anything having to do with animals. 

Karena Nguyen, Recycling 

small_Karena BIG pic.jpg

Karena is the recycling intern for our office. She identifies the most efficient and effective ways to recycle, and she strives to make recycling as fun and easy as possible for the student body. Karena currently spearheads a campus-wide electronic waste recycling program. A sophomore concentrating in Biology, Karena loves morning runs, Netflix Originals, and postcards.

Sindy Lee, Waste Intern


Sindy is a senior double-concentrating in Economics with a focus on environmental economics, and Classics. She is working on the Strategic Waste Plan and Scope 3 tracking, updating residence hall trash and recycling signage, Green-Move in, and waste training for staff and faculty. She hopes to work in corporate sustainability or sustainable finance after graduating. In her free time, Sindy loves meditating, biking, cooking, photography, and writing haikus.

Emma Bouton, Environmental Health and Wellness

small_Emma B BiG.PNG

Emma is a sophomore concentrating in Environmental Science within the Environment & Inequality track. As the Environmental Health and Wellness intern, she is responsible for tracking water consumption across campus and researching and developing recommendations for rainwater collection at Brown. Emma also leads Clean Break, a program that allows students departing at the end of the school year to donate items that they would otherwise leave behind or throw away to Rhode Islanders in need. Running, hiking, and baking are Emma’s favorite things to do in her free time!

Julia Rothfield, Waste

small_Julia BiG.PNG

Julia is the E&E Waste and Recycling intern. She will be working on consolidating and standardizing waste signage and collection on campus, as well as new initiatives designed to reach Brown’s goal of diverting 50% of waste from the landfill by 2020. A sophomore concentrating in environmental science, she loves talking about recycling, leading trips with the Outing Club, and reading in her hammock.

Nina Wolff-Landau, Green Events and Sustainability Tours


Nina is a sophomore interested in studying Ethnic Studies, Environmental Studies, Development Studies, or History. She is the Water Resources and Green Events in the E&E Office. She's working on Brown's stormwater plans, Green move-in and other events throughout the year, and relaunching Green Events, Brown's student consulting group to make campus events more environmentally sustainable. Outside of her work as an E&E intern, Nina enjoys playing ultimate frisbee with Brown's Disco Inferno, traveling, baking, and reading.

Andrea Malpica, Transportation

small_Andrea BiG.PNG

Andrea is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California, and she is one of the Office’s transportation interns. She will be working on developing and encouraging green modes of transportation as well as helping with other sustainable initiatives. She will be either concentrating in environmental engineering or environmental science with a focus in air, climate, and energy. Through her concentration and participating in many environmental clubs and committees, she hopes to gain the knowledge and skills to help solve environmental problems in the future. During her free time, she enjoys running, playing soccer or volleyball, watching Netflix, and exploring cities.