Watershed: Journal of Environment & Culturecover art by Sarah Greenfieldcover art by Sarah Greenfield


Watershed is a Brown-RISD publication that explores how we relate to the environment through prose, poetry, art, science, photo essays, journalism, or whatever other creative means are at an artist's disposal. Our guiding question: "What is the natural?" is one means to investigate this relationship. The journal accepts submissions from Brown and RISD community members, as well as professionals in the field. Illustrations are tailored to each written piece by RISD artists~ Watershed is a great place to get published! We're a tight-knit journal, actively seeking enthusiastic new members, where you can learn the ropes of the publication process as you go along. Contact Jehane_Samaha@brown.edu for more information. Submissions are accepted year round. Please e-mail your best and most brilliant work toWatershed_Journal@brown.edu.