About People: DSI Team

Director, Data Science Initiative
Professor of Mathematics

Professor Brock’s work to date has been in the area of geometry and topology, the mathematical study of shapes. He studies coarse features of a space that can determine its structure, using these notions with his collaborators to classify spaces called hyperbolic 3-manifolds. His interests focus on parameter spaces of geometric structures, on surfaces, and on 3-manifolds, and more recently have shifted to the study of finite metric spaces or "point clouds" whose geometry and topology has found new applications in the area of Topological Data Analysis. Understanding the "shape" of data has become a powerful tool for understanding its structure and what meaning can be derived from how data sets are clustered and arranged.

Alden Bumstead
Associate Director, Data Science Initiative

Alden Bumstead comes to the Data Science Initiative via a winding road through literary theory and gender studies, nonprofit consulting, and advocacy for mental health research. This has made her a jack of many trades and master of a few. She has a Ph.D. in American Literature from Duke University and a humanist’s fascination for science.  


Joseph Hogan
Deputy Director, Data Science Initiative
Carole and Lawrence Sirovich Professor of Public Health
Professor and Chair, Biostatistics Department
Administrative and Financial Assistant, Data Science Initiative

A Providence native, Meg comes from a background in media arts, visual design and event planning, earning her BA from Emerson College. She worked previously at the Brown/NSF Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM), among other higher education institutions. She continues to have a passion for learning and soon plans to finish her Master's of Interior Architecture. 

Dan Potter
Director of Industry Relations, Data Science Initiative
Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science

Dan Potter is Director of Industry Relations for the Brown Data Science Initiative, and also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science.  He regularly teaches courses on Scientific Computing and Data Science. In addition to his responsibilities at Brown, Dr. Potter has been a Senior Advisor to Disciplined Alpha LLC since the firm’s inception in January 2013. In 2016 he became the portfolio manager for the Disciplined Alpha Stable Growth Strategy.  He is the Chief Technology Officer for Advanced Image Enhancement, a medical imaging company founded in 2000. His professional life has focused on the development of statistically based approaches to solving real world problems involving pattern recognition and data modeling for the financial, healthcare and technology sectors. Prior positions include Managing Partner, in charge of Quantitative Research at Gotham Research, an institutional brokerage and RIA, Chief Technology Officer for Third Level Data, an internet marketing firm, Chief Executive Officer of Ars Analytica, a mathematical consulting firm. Dr. Potter holds a ScB in Mathematics & Computer Science as well as a ScM and PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University.  Dr. Potter is also a former National Science Foundation IGERT Fellow.

Samuel Watson
Director of Graduate Studies, Data Science Initiative
Tamarkin Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Sam’s research in mathematical probability focuses on the interplay between discrete and continuous random geometry. He studies the convergence of random planar graphs outfitted with natural combinatorial structures to a fractal random surface called Liouville quantum gravity. He has worked on fractional Gaussian fields, which serve to model random behavior in fields as diverse as cosmology, image processing, and agriculture. He has also used his expertise in modeling probabilistic phenomena to contribute to a variety of projects with scientists in other disciplines.