Fifth-Year Master's Degree

Current Brown seniors can apply for this program. The application requirements are the same as for other applicants, except that the GRE is not required for fifth-year applicants and only two letters of recommendation are required. The program has the same course structure as the normal Data Science Master's program. The only difference is that two credits can be substituted by courses taken during the undergrad studies; possible substitutions are shown below. Note that it is not possible to do this program as a concurrent bachelor’s/master’s degree.

  • For DATA 1030: An introduction to Topics in Data and Computational Science (1 credit), you can substitute CSCI1951-A: Data Science
  • For DATA 1050, you can substitute either CSCI1270 Database Systems or CSCI1380 Distributed Systems
  • For DATA 2040, you can substitute CSCI1470 Deep Learning.
  • For DATA 2080: Data & Society (1 credit), you can substitute DATA 0080: Data & Society 
  • For an elective (1 credit), you can substitute any appropriate 1000-level or 2000-level course to be determined by the student and approved by the program advisor

Applications are accepted until May 1.
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