Christina Reed, 2020, Applied Math-Economics

Applied Math-Economics


Investment Banking

Private Equity


Women in STEM



Why You Chose APMA:
  • My decision to study Applied Math-Economics has deviated from my freshman year plan of being pre-med. As I planned out courses to take during my freshman year as a pre-med, I felt that I was not allowing myself to explore the vast academic options that make Brown unique. I chose to study APMA-Econ because it allows a lot of academic freedom, with classes in computer science, biology, economics, math, and applied math, and has allowed me to continue developing my quantitative skills and applying those skills to economics and specifically finance. I am very interested in problem solving in quantitative and analytical ways, skills that I develop everyday in APMA-Econ and will apply to a career in finance after I graduate.
  • Principles of Economics (ECON 0110)
  • Introductory Calculus, Part II (MATH 0100)
  • Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON 1110)
  • Linear Algebra (MATH 0520)
  • Methods of Applied Math I (APMA 0330)
  • Methods of Applied Math II (APMA 0340)
  • Statistical Inference I (APMA 1650)
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON 1210)
  • Introduction to Scientific Computing (APMA 0160)
  • Investments I (ECON 1710)
  • Econometrics I (ECON 1730)
  • Corporate Finance (ECON 1720)
  • Advanced Macroeconomics: Monetary, Fiscal, and Stabilization Policies (ECON 1225)
  • Operations Research: Probablistic Models (APMA 1200)
  • Waves (APMA 1930T)
  • Management of Industrial/Nonprofit Organizations (ENGN0090)
  • Health Care in the US (PHP 0310)
  • The Digital World (CSCI0020)
  • Spiritual But Not Religious (RELS0056)
  • Seven Wonders of Ancient World (CLAS1120Q)
  • College Ethics (PHIL 0170)
  • Building an Empire: The Sacred and Civic Architecture of Ancient Rome (ARCH 1125)
  • Alexander the Great and the Alexander Tradition (CLAS0810A)
  • The Korea “Brand” (EAST 1290)
  • Leadership in Organizations (SOC 1060)



Field(s) of interest:
  • I chose to study APMA-Econ because of my interest in problem solving as related to finance. Consequently, I am interested in financial services and particularly mergers & acquisitions investment banking, which I see as an opportunity to use the strategic problem solving skills that I developed in APMAin real world situations that have a broad impact on the economy. I also see both creative and quantitative decision making being relevant on a more micro-level in decisions made by private equity companies to buy, hold, and sell companies, which I believe is also related to skills I have developed in APMA.
Involvement at Brown:
  • Women in Business
  • Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Teaching Assistant for Management of Industrial/Nonprofit Organizations (ENGN0090 - Fall 2017-2018) and Corporate Finance (ECON 1720 - Fall 2019)
  • Undergraduate research in the APMA department
  • Intramural sports
Other personal topics willing to discuss:
  • Being a woman in STEM
  • Diversity recruiting for women in finance and investment banking



Internships, Research, and other professional experience:
  • Summer 2019: I worked at Perella Weinberg Partners, a pure advisory boutique investment bank in New York City, on their investment banking mergers & acquisitions advisory team. I worked on pitch decks, valuing potential mergers and acquisitions, and conducting diligence research on different industries and companies. I will be returning to work at Perella Weinberg Partners full-time as an investment banking analyst. 
  • Summer 2018: ​I worked as a summer analyst at Madison Industries, a Chicago-based private equity holding firm with $5 Billion in capital that focuses on buying and holding industrial companies that make the world safer, healthier, and more productive. I worked on sourcing and analyzing new acquisitions, valuing portfolio companies and potential acquisitions, creating pitch decks that analyzed strategy, risks, and benefits for potential acquisitions, and conducting diligence research on different industries, companies, growth drivers, and financials. Madison Industries is not a typical private equity firm, as they focus on holding and growing companies for the long-term as opposed to the typical 3-5 year timeline, which made this an extremely interesting internship experience.
Other Professional topics willing to discuss:
  • Investment banking, private equity, and financial services