Emma Dennis-Knieriem, 2021, Applied Math

Applied Math

Applied Math-Computer Science

Data Science




Why You Chose APMA:
  • I have always loved math, but I became really passionate about data science when I took my first statistics class. There are so many fields, both in STEM and humanities, that interest me, and the beauty of Applied Math is that is applicable to every subject. I love puzzles and solving problems, and I don’t have to stick purely to one discipline with APMA. I love bringing mathematical skills and techniques to studies outside of math.
  • Linear Algebra (MATH 0520)
  • Statistical Inference I (APMA 1650)
  • Applied Ordinary Differential Equations (APMA 0350)
  • Computing Foundations: Data (CSCI 0111)
  • Operations Research: Probabilistic Models (APMA 1200)
  • Applied Dynamical Systems (APMA 1360)
  • Computational Probability and Statistics (APMA 1690)
  • Principles of Biostatistics and Data Analysis (PHP 1510)
  • Black Freedom Struggle Since 1945 (HIST 1532)
  • Exodus: Freedom in the Modern Black and Jewish Religious Imaginations (RELS 0085A)
  • Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies (GNSS 0120)



Field(s) of interest:
  • Statistics: I am really passionate about statistics. It’s both useful and satisfying to be able to quantify an idea and contextualize a number to give it qualitative meaning as well.
  • Data Science: I love getting a raw data set, and being able to tell stories with them and glean real information out of them, the effects of which can be seen in people's lives. It is really meaningful to me to transform a huge table or spreadsheet into beautifully organized graphs and statistics, whose patterns otherwise wouldn't be seen amidst all the other data.
  • Programming: While my concentration at Brown is APMA, I enjoy computer science. Programming helps not only with efficiency of computations, but writing an algorithm often fosters a deeper understanding behind the mechanic
Involvement at Brown:
  • Brown Aerials and Acrobatics
  • Physics tutor
  • Association for Women in Mathematics
  • Chamber music
Other personal topics willing to discuss:
  • Gender/sexuality discrimination, bias, and normativity
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Stereotype threat
  • Intersectional feminism



Internships, Research, and other professional experience:
  • Summer 2019 - present : I have an internship under Professor Rose doing research, data entry, and statistical analysis. Her project is called "How Structural Racism Works", and I found it very rewarding to find relationships between these systems of power on such an important topic.
  • Fall 2017 - present: I have taught at the Squared School in Providence for nearly all my time at Brown. It is a math program for grade school aged students. 
  • Fall 2018 - present: In the tutoring program at Brown, I am the head Physics Tutor. I teach in small groups and help reinforce ideas relating to the PHYS 0030 course.
Other Professional topics willing to discuss:
  • Internships through professors at Brown, TAing a class, Academic Tutoring through the Sheridan Center.