Admission Criteria

We consider numerous criteria including academic performance, letters of recommendation and industry experience. We also consider GRE scores, TOEFL/IELTS scores (if relevant), motivation, work experience, awards, honors, prizes, and other accomplishments. Because master's applicants are so diverse, no single set of criteria adequately covers all the cases.

Please note: There are no eligibility criteria for application, such as minimum GPA or GRE scores (but see recommended minimums for English-language test scores below). 

Application Process

Deadline: February 1

Applications open in early September for the following fall. All students begin the program in the fall (September); there is no option to start in spring. Admission is rolling, which means we may accept some students before the February 1 deadline. No applications can be accepted after February 1. You will be notified by the Graduate School if you are admitted. We expect to contact admitted applicants by mid-March.

Tuition Information

Tuition and fee information is listed on the Bursar's website. The approximate total tuition (excluding fees) for students entering the program in fall 2022, and completing in 12 months, is $82,826. This includes 8 credits (4 per semester) at the 2022-2023 tuition rate, and the 9th credit at the 2023-2024 tuition rate (estimated with an increase of 5%).

Program Prerequisites

We seek to admit students from a wide range of backgrounds for distinctive careers in Data Science. This means that students will have a wide range of experience through work and education, which can prepare them for the program in a variety of ways. There are no fixed prerequisites for the program, however you will need a certain level of math, statistics, and computing experience in order to succeed.