Tuition information

Tuition and fee information is listed on the Bursar's website. The approximate total tuition for students entering the program in fall 2021 is $80,527.**

Tuition is charged per credit, and students are charged for each credit in the semester when they are registered for the credits. Therefore, the cost is not substantially higher for students who choose to take longer than 12 months to complete the program. The cost per credit will be slightly higher each academic year (usually around 5% higher each year), and there are fees charged each semester. See the Bursar's website for more details. 

Total cost of attendance, which includes food, housing, and other expenses, does of course depend on how long you take to complete the program. If you have been issued documents with cost of attendance figures, they may include estimates for some of these non-tuition expenses. They may also be based on the default program structure, which is 24 months (two credits per term, so four credits in the first year). The offices best positioned to answer further questions about those documents are the offices who issued them.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have scholarships available for this program. Brown's Office of Financial Aid can help with loan funding; you can find information and a financial worksheet here

**While the annual tuition for the Data Science Master's Program for 2021–2022 is $71,184, this only accounts for 8 credits of the 9 required credits. Because the program comprises 4 fall credits, 4 spring credits, and 1 summer credit, the total cost of the program is equal to the annual tuition plus one-eighth of the following year's annual tuition (summer courses take place in the following fiscal year). Based on an expected tuition increase of 5%, the full cost for completing the program in 12 months will be the annual tuition of $71,184 + (one summer credit) $9,343 = $80,527.

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