• Take a data science course. You can find courses that involve data by using that as a keyword in Courses @ Brown. Some of the basic introductory courses in data analysis and data science include:
    • DATA 0200: Data Fluency
    • DATA 0080: Data, Ethics and Society
    • CSCI 0100: Data Fluency for All
    • CSCI 0111: Computing Foundations: Data
    • BIOL 0495: Statistical Analysis of Biological Data
    • CLPS 0900: Statistical Methods
    • CSCI 0535: Linear Algebra for Machine Learning
  • Declare the Data Fluency Certificate
  • Become a Data Science Fellow
  • Consider a fifth-year Master’s Degree in Data Science
  • Join the Data Science DUG (details coming soon, contact us for more information)
  • Be a teaching assistant for a DSI course: search student job listings on Workday, or contact us for current openings. Most positions require some programming or math background.

Contact us for more information on any of the above. 

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