Educational Resources

Below is a list of data science learning resources at Brown/DSI—this is a work in progress and we expect to be adding to this regularly.

Data Gymnasia

Short online courses providing data-related skills in math, probability and statistics, and computer programming. Many of these modules can be used to prepare for our Master's in Data Science program.  Created by Samuel Watson of DSI.

Introduction to Data Science in R

Recordings of interactive classes held on Zoom, including materials and concurrent discussion on Prismia.  Created by Samuel Watson of DSI.

Introduction to Programming, Web Scraping, and Data Cleaning in Python

Videos and instructional materials for a workshop held July 2020 (via Zoom), targeted toward graduate students and postdocs in the humanities and social sciences. The workshop covers the basics of the Python programming language, web scraping to collect data from the web, and cleaning and processing the scraped data using the pandas library. 

DSCoV Lunchtime Workshops

DSI hosts weekly Data Science, Computing, and Visualization workshops in collaboration with the Center for Computation and Visualization, the Brown Libraries, and the Initiative for Computation in Brains and Minds.