Master's Degree FAQ

Yes, this is considered a STEM program for OPT extension purposes (this is a visa issue, of concern to international applicants). 

Unfortunately not. Applications have to be submitted completely before the deadline of March 15th to be considered. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and no applications will be accepted after the deadline.

Note that we need a complete application, including letters of recommendation and official score reports, before we can make admission decisions. Therefore, please give your letter writers enough time to write and mail your letters of support. 

To request a fee waiver, complete the Application Fee Waiver Request on the online application form (of the graduate school). In addition, you must submit documentation that substantiates your financial hardship. Acceptable forms of documentation are FAFSA, a letter from a college/university financial aid office, receipt of GRE fee waiver, unemployment verification, or other forms that provide significant documentation of financial hardship. Do not send copies of your tax returns. All supporting documentation should be sent to using the email subject line "Fee Waiver Materials."

We do not currently have financial aid available for ScM students. See the Office of Financial Aid for financing options (their worksheets page is here). 

Here is the TOEFL/IELTS waiver policy. If you feel you are exempt from taking the TOEFL please email the Graduate School directly at to get a waiver.

The GRE General exam is not required. Your General test scores give us an additional objective form of evaluation, but for many students, the GRE test score does not provide much additional information. It's your decision. If you wish to send a GMAT score (instead of or in addition to the GRE), you will need to put this information in a separate line or page in the document you upload for your personal statement document, as there is no specific field for a GMAT on the application. 

If you are admitted and prompted to do so, please send supplemental
materials to:

      Brown Graduate School,
      47 George Street, Box 1867,
      Providence, RI 02912.
Please do not send hard copies of any application materials unless requested by the Graduate School.

One possible reason for this problem is that you are eligible for a TOEFL waiver, but it has not yet been processed. Contact for handling waivers. Note that we are still able to view your application materials in the meantime. 

The initial cohort just completed the program in Summer 2018, and we are still collecting information. Currently, we can tell you that 27 students completed the program in 2017-18, and 40 students (of over 550 applicants) are participating in 2018-19. 

The graduate school's contact information is on their Web page.

No. You can apply for the 5th-Year Master's Degree, but this program is not suitable for concurrent degrees. 

Yes. We do not require your undergraduate degree to be four years in duration. 

You may find additional useful information on the Brown Graduate School website. Please send questions about the online application or about TOEFL/IELTS waivers to For questions related specifically to the Data Science Master's program, you can email the program director, Samuel Watson