Community Engagement

Data-Driven Optimization for Bike-Share Systems

September 28, 2017
Foxboro Auditorium, Kassar House
Alice Paul
Postdoc at the Data Science Initiative, Brown University


Bike-share systems are inherently complex because of the many stations and riders. Further, users can directly change the state of the system, possibly filling up or emptying out bike stations. This leads to many interesting optimization problems for how to better meet user demand. First, we will study the problem of routing trucks overnight to redistribute bikes over the system to anticipate demand the next day. Second, we will look at scheduling dock repairs, which will lead to a novel theoretical result. 


Alice is a Postdoc in the Data Science Initiative at Brown University. She received her BS in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College and completed her PhD in the Department of Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University, advised by Professor David Williamson. Alice's research focuses on the design and analysis of algorithms, specifically for discrete optimization problems.