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Intel Science and Technology Center on Big Data (ISCT)

The mission of the Intel Science and Technology Center (ISTC) for Big Data is to produce new data management systems and compute architectures for Big Data. Together, these systems will help people process data that exceeds the scale, rate, or sophistication of current data processing systems. We demonstrate the effectiveness of these solutions on real applications in science, engineering, and medicine, making our results broadly available through open sourcing.

The center includes leading researchers from Brown, MIT, Portland State, Stanford, University of Tennessee, University of California at Santa Barbara, and University of Washington. These researchers are experts in such areas as data-intensive scalable computing, machine learning, computer architecture, visualization, and the sciences (genomics, medicine, oceanography, imaging, and remote sensing).

The ISTC on Big Data is focused on five major research themes:

  1. Big Data Databases and Analytics
  2. Big Data Math and Algorithms
  3. Big Data Visualization
  4. Big Data Architecture
  5. Streaming Big Data

The core Brown PIs of the ISTC on Big Data are Ugur Cetintemel, Tim Kraska, Stan Zdonik, who collaborate closely with other data  management experts at Brown.

The ISTC supports several of Brown’s activities including the S-Store Stream Processing System, SciDB scientific array database, Tupleware in-memory analytics system and the Searchlight large-scale interactive search and optimization system.

Research Leads: 

Ugur Cetintemel
Tim Kraska
Stan Zdonik
VISIT project website
Region-based search for an astronomical data set: searching for bright regions of different shapes and contents. (Source: A. Kalinin et al, Brown University)