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Using registries and large health care databases to study the impact of testing for Alzheimer’s Disease

The IDEAS study evaluates the impact of amyloid plaque testing for Alzheimer’s disease on patient care and outcomes. The statistical team of IDEAS developed an innovative design that uses multiple streams of data collection and combines information across them. The study is forming a large national prospective registry of patients with dementia or mild cognitive impairment who will undergo amyloid plaque testing. Clinical and imaging information of registry patients will be combined with data on health care utilization and long term outcomes from Medicare claims data and other health insurance records. In addition, we will select a control group of patients with a similar disease profile and longitudinal trajectory, who did not undergo amyloid testing, using the vast Medicare claims data archives.  Health care utilization and outcomes of the registry cohort will be compared to the control cohort using causal inference methods.

Research Leads: 

Constantine Gatsonis, Professor of Biostatistics
Ilana Gareen, Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Roee Gutman, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
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Funding Sources: 

Public-private consortium