Data Science and COVID-19

Links to experts, scientific papers, data sources and recent findings, updated weekly

See also Decoding Pandemic Data: A Series of Interactive Seminars


Case Trackers and General Resources
Modeling and Forecasting
Data Science Links
Explanatory Pieces on Modeling
researcher websites
  • Elizabeth Ogburn, Johns Hopkins University Department of Biostatistics
  • Nicholas Jewell, University of California-Berkeley School of Public Health Biostatistics Division & Department of Statistics
  • Natalie Dean, University of Florida Department of Biostatistics
Other Resources
  • @JHU_NCRC on Twitter: More than 40 Johns Hopkins faculty, fellows, and students rapidly reviewing key preprints & published papers.
  • NIH Videocasts: Schedule of future events and access to past events, many of which are currently COVID-19-related.