Brown University has embarked on a multi-year Digital Experience Project to develop a unified digital ecosystem that has the promise to transform how Brown serves and engages members of our on-campus and off-campus communities.

Our goal is to offer increased ease of use and utility of Brown’s online services, as well as personalized information-sharing and communications to ensure members of our community can make the most of their Brown experience and their relationships with Brown and other members within our community.

The new vision for Brown’s information and communications infrastructure is an ecosystem that integrates data; content strategy for news and information; technology platforms, service modules and applications; and relationships and networks within our communities for meaningful engagement. 

About the Project

Why a Digital Strategy

What is it really about? We want to ensure that every member of our community accesses services and information in a way that recognizes them as multifaceted individuals, rather than as separate identities in multiple systems. Learn more >>>

Project Objectives and Features

We aim to develop new tools, platforms and communications “products” to ease access to online services and to tailor the delivery of relevant, personalized information and news across all channels. Learn more >>>

What You Need to Know

Before you start a new Web or digital project, we want to make sure you do it in a way that aligns with the new digital ecosystem and makes the best use of your resources.  Learn more >>>