Brown University has embarked on a multi-year Digital Transformation Initiative to employ data and new technology in ways that improve Brown’s business operations, systems that support our core academic mission of teaching and research, and the ways we connect as a community.

The first phase of the initiative focuses on streamlining information-sharing and communications. This phase of Brown’s digital transformation will, when realized, create a Brown community that is more engaged, better informed and has deeper connections within and across groups of students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as with the University.

We will accomplish this by increasing ease of use and utility of Brown’s online and mobile services. The new vision for Brown’s information and communications infrastructure integrates data, campus news and information, technology platforms, service modules and approaches to testing new applications that aim to create more meaningful engagement for all of Brown’s constituencies.

We aim to create more personalized information-sharing and communications to ensure members of our community can make the most of their Brown experience and their relationships with Brown and other members within our community.

Future phases of the Digital Transformation Initiative will focus on how Brown invests in systems that maintain our academic environment and business operations.


Why Digital Transformation?

What is it really about? Improving Brown’s use of technology can ensure that every member of our community accesses services and information in a coherent way that is responsive to their specific needs.

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We aim to improve approaches to communications and use of technology to become more agile and versatile in applying solutions that align with supporting Brown’s academic and operating models. 

Product Launches

Brown is rolling out an evolving series of new products to offer community members tools that are more user-centric, collaborative, and innovative in powering greater levels of engagement throughout the University.

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Starting a Digital Project

Before you start a new Web or digital project, contact the University to make sure you do it in a way that aligns with the new digital ecosystem and makes the best use of your resources.