Digital transformation is integral to Brown University’s efforts to fulfill its education and research mission at the highest standards of excellence. By “digital transformation” we mean the purposeful creation of a cohesive digital ecosystem that provides faculty, staff, students and alumni with the tools and capacities needed to support education and research, business operations, volunteer engagement, and communications, and which are optimally integrated with each other to support data-sharing and efficient maintenance.

The Digital Transformation Project (DTP) is a multi-year project involving stakeholders across the University in creating a digital ecosystem based on three priorities:

  1. Operational Excellence. The ecosystem will be designed to generate more efficient and effective processes across the University that conserve and grow University resources while making Brown a more collaborative and productive environment for working, learning and living.
  2. Enhanced Communications. The ecosystem will build community by enhancing communications within and between all of Brown’s stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents and community members, with the goal of creating a better-informed and more engaged community of people who are fully committed to Brown’s success.
  3. Access and Use of Data. The ecosystem will be designed to increase the ability of University constituents to access and use data for the purposes of assessing and evaluating academic and non-academic programs, stewarding resources, targeting communications, and guiding all aspects of University decision-making.


Why Digital Transformation?

What is it really about? Reducing digital fragmentation can help Brown achieve the academic and operational excellence envisioned in Brown’s strategic plan.

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This ambitious effort has Phase 1 objectives focused on enhancing communications and future-state objectives that will allow Brown fulfill the vision of a unified digital ecosystem.

Product Launches

Brown is rolling out an evolving series of new products to offer community members tools that are more user-centric, collaborative, and innovative in powering greater levels of engagement throughout the University.

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Starting a Digital Project

Before you start a new Web or digital project, contact the University to make sure you do it in a way that aligns with the new digital ecosystem and makes the best use of your resources.