Response to Ebola

Response of the Brown community to Ebola

John Ly

Dr John Ly MD PLME '08 working for Last Mile in Liberia and Dr Adam Levine Emergency Medicine faculty at an ETU (ebola treatment unit). Credit: Dr. Timothy Flanigan.

The Brown community is involved in several ways with the mounting Ebola tragedy centered in the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Two Alpert Medical School faculty members are engaging in the fight against the virus in West Africa this winter, including Noah Rosenberg, M.D., who will be in Liberia at an ebola treatment unit for six weeks. Earlier in the year, two other medical professors, Adam Levine, M.D. and Timothy Flanigan, M.D., worked in Liberia during the epidemic.

Similarly, alumnus Armand Sprecher, M.D. AB ’89, is an expert on hemorrhagic fevers, working on Ebola for Doctors without Borders. Meanwhile, alumnus John Ly, AB ’04, MD ’08, is serving in Liberia as medical director of Last Mile Health.

Richard Sacra, M.D. AB ’84, and journalist Ashoka Mukpo, a Providence resident, and son of faculty member Mitchell Levy, M.D., were also working in Liberia. Sacra and Mukpo were among the few Americans infected with the virus. Thankfully, both emerged fully healthy, and Sacra has headed back to Liberia to continue his work. Professor Ian Michelow, M.D. has discussed his prior research on a possible Ebola treatment, as well as the general biology of the virus.

On campus, students affiliated with Partners in Health organized a teach-in, attended by about 100 people, on Oct. 9. It featured a panel, including several faculty members and a state public health official. The students also conducted fundraising efforts such as a phone-a-thon.

For more information about Ebola, please consult an online resource compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.