Past Projects

Past Projects

Projects completed by the Brown University Ukraine Collaboration include

1. HIV Among Vulnerable Populations in L’viv, Ukraine

Collaborators in Ukraine: AIDS Center, L’viv, Ukraine

From June to August, 2013, a study was conducted at the L’viv AIDS Center's integrated ART and opioid replacement therapy program for HIV-infected injecting drug users, with a specific focus on the beliefs and impressions of the Center's healthcare staff on the efficacy of their integrated treatment approach. This study included interviews with the L’viv AIDS Center's healthcare staff as well as a comprehensive chart review for all patients enrolled in the Center's integrated program.

2. Controlling Tuberculosis (TB) in Ukraine

Collaborators in Ukraine: Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine, Dr. Vasyl Petrenko; Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Policy; Boyarka Oblast TB Hospital, Boyarka, Ukraine

A retrospective review of treatment outcomes among drug sensitive TB patients in Kyiv Oblast revealed that patients with HIV infection, patients who abuse alcohol, and patients with smear-positive TB at baseline were at greater risk of poor treatment outcomes. Nevertheless, the data also reveal that these patient characteristics, alone, are not sufficient to cause the high rates of poor treatment outcomes among TB patients.

Brown researchers meet with clinicians at a TB hospital in UkraineBrown researchers meet with clinicians at a TB hospital in Ukraine

3. Vaccination in Ukraine

Collaborators in Ukraine: Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukriane, Dr. Vasyl Petrenko, Anna Radysh, Viacheslav Krasuik

This study sought to determine beliefs and fund of knowledge about vaccines and vaccinations in medical students at Bogomolets National Medical University. The Collaboration and its partners created a 30-question survey, which was administered in June 2014 to 463 medical students in their clinical (third through sixth) years at Bogomolets.  The written survey contained questions regarding vaccine safety, contraindications, beliefs in the need to vaccinate, and the adequacy of vaccine education at the students’ medical school. 

4.  Collaborating with Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) to create a school for social reporting

Ukraine is becoming a more inclusive society that is working hard to accommodate people with special needs and challenge the stigma associated with TB, HIV and other diseases. Ukraine has to overcome the legacy of the Soviet Union, where it was state policy to institutionalize people with disabilities, orphans, and other vulnerable groups. Once institutionalized, they were out of the public eye and their lives were rarely discussed in the media. The Brown University Ukraine Collaboration is happy to partner with the UCU School of Journalism to help young reporters give a voice to people whose stories have been muted for so long. Young journalists wrote 22 stories from different parts of Ukraine ranging in topics from commercial sex to the elderly. You can read these stories by following this link (in Ukrainian)